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Our costs were low since we bought the van outright and converted it ourselves (we sold the van for a profit at the end of our year in New Zealand), so we weren’t super worried about finding work. Leaving money behind on a table is seen as accidental as Let us show you the best of New Zealand on other platforms by selecting 'On' and allowing us to share data from your visit(s) with our partners. You must check if you need to register in your occupation. Their customer service is awesome as are the hospitality staff. Official information British people moving to and living in New Zealand need to know, including residency, healthcare and driving. Some ambulance callouts are free, while some areas offer free emergency health services. New Zealand just got the 1980s. The Working Holiday Scheme requires most participants to hold comprehensive medical and travel insurance - in addition to the ACC levy you’ll pay - to cover you in case of injury in New Zealand.

This is a culturally and geographically diverse country, so there are endless options from city apartments to beachside villas and countryside retreats. However, lots of New Zealand GPs specialise, so you might need some research to find the one that suits your health issues before signing up with the surgery closest to your new home. Public transportation in New Zealand, even in “larger” cities like Auckland and Wellington isn’t great. The card acts as proof of age to show that you are over 18 years old and is a domestic form of photo ID if you don’t have or don’t want to carry around your driving license or passport. New-Zealand: Toughening up in the requirements for a work permit, More info about the labour market? And well, after living in New Zealand for 2 years, we observed some different, odd and downright strange things.

Check out some tips, operators and amazing itinerary suggestions. North Island has dark, sandy beaches and is popular for swimming and surfing. The New Zealand Ministry of Health has information on eligibility for publicly funded health services. The main emergency number in New Zealand is 111 – see New Zealand emergency numbers. The slow pace and distance from anywhere else in the world can be surprisingly taxing on American travelers who’ve grown accustomed to on demand convenience and access to a lot of diverse experiences and entertainment options. If that stuff matters to you, double check that your house or apartment has central air and heating. Whether it's seals, penguins, dolphins or whales, New Zealand's local wildlife always made me feel like I was on a David Attenborough show, as opposed to a 5 minute walk from my apartment.

Forget your 12.5% service charge or adding a little bit onto a taxi fare. Just keep in mind that life in New Zealand is cold, far away, and may not be as convenient as you’re used to. That food actually comes from somewhere, and when you’re in New Zealand, that “somewhere” is almost always super far away. The big question when you’re deciding where in the world to move is how much tax will I pay? Home to government agencies and a fantastic barista scene (seriously, coffee lovers prepare to have your minds blown! Living New Zealand offers life in a country of natural beauty and diverse scenery. Oops! Depending on your personal circumstances, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority may need to assess your UK qualifications. When you find somewhere to live, you may want to set up a more permanent internet connection.

In this form they’ll ask you questions like: • your foreign tax identification number (FIN) • your passport number • your arrival date and length of stay. A New Zealand bank account is required for tons of stuff like applying for your IRD number, direct deposit, and avoiding brutal ATM fees every time you buy anything or withdraw money from your account. Its political structure is stable, people are generally welcoming and cheerful, and the country stays out of most of the tense global political wrangling’s. If you’re planning to settle in New Zealand and become an honorary Kiwi, you’ll need to start thinking about visas. Just googling “how to live in New Zealand” makes you an interesting person. 215,000 UK expats already living in New Zealand. It’s up to you, and your budget. Of course this post is full of light-hearted humour.

Those three cities make up two-thirds of the country’s gross national product. Welcome to what is known as a Living in a converted van is the best way to see New Zealand, hands down. Most schools, including secondaries, are state-run and free of charge. New Zealand tax is like the UK, where your tax rate steps up the more you earn. Just a note on car insurance: it’s not compulsory in New Zealand, but we’d advise you to take out at least ‘third party insurance’ on your vehicle, which insures you against having to pay for damage you cause to someone else’s vehicle. Most people have a great attitude towards a work/life balance, and even in the biggest cities have plenty of green spaces and trails, so you never feel you are somewhere cramped or congested. compare on the coffee front so just beware that NZ will ruin coffee for you for life if you ever leave. Just follow the guide, Legal and investigation administrative and Secretary, Find info on accommodation in New Zealand, New members of the New Zealand forum, introduce yourselves here - 2020, What to send to NZ and what to let go when moving, Applying for skilled migrant visa while on working holiday visa, Similar discussions about life in New Zealand. Through AWP, Im excited to share the ups, the downs, and the lessons learned throughout my expat journey. Cost of living in New Zealand + PRO: It’s one of the least corrupt places in the world. Some jobs may require a UK criminal records check (known as a DBS check). I'm now settled in New Zealand after living in Costa Rica, Panama and Australia. You’ll find Kiwis warm and welcoming, which can help to ease the transition to living in an unfamiliar country. New Zealand experiences about 15,000 earthquakes per year but thankfully most of these are so deep they cannot be felt.

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