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San Sebastián—Donostia, in Basque—has been a resort since the mid-1800s. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular destinations for British expats, not to mention that it is an extremely affordable option too. The municipality of Bilbao is 41 km2 (16 mi2). Seville is the fourth cheapest city in Spain, coming in just behind Bilbao. For a centrally-located, two-to three-bedroom apartment, you can pay about $900 to $1,100 a month off-season or long-term. Although the second largest capital in Europe, Madrid is noticeably less busy when compared to other large capital city such as London and Paris. A decent meal in a restaurant with a caña (glass of beer) can set you back as little as $7, and there’s an abundance of fresh food available at even cheaper prices at the daily central market. If you are a retiree with a choice of living anywhere in Spain then you need to seriously look at the lowest cost of living. However, once you do work your way in, you will be a happy member for life. Because Barcelona is one of the most touristed cities in the world, these areas are always in need of workers, especially those with bilingual skills. “We consider our living expenses to be minimal. InterNations also hosts many social events where expats can meet locals and fellow foreigners. A cheaper meal for two will be around 10—15 EUR (11—17 USD), while a more upscale place can easily cost 40 EUR (44 USD). Spain is one of the cheapest country in the world! And Spanish residents are rarely without excellent food, music, and culture just a stone’s throw away. A single trip ticket will cost less than 2 EUR (2.20 USD). And after just a few days in the city, it is easy to see why. While Madrid is home to some of the country’s most famous museums, Barcelona is home to its most famous architecture. Keep in mind that Barcelona is not just a popular expat relocation area, but it is also a massively popular tourist destination. Barcelona is known year after year as one of the Most Visited Cities in the World. AlicanteThis jewel of a city is found on Spain´s Costa Blanca on the South-Eastern coast, … A three-bedroom apartment for an expat family will be around 1,000 EUR (1,110 USD). Sitting proudly in the northern half of the country, Bilbao’s coastline is the cold North Atlantic, as opposed to the warm Mediterranean of the rest of the country. Strictly English-speaking jobs are hard to come by in Madrid unless you are planning to move to the city to teach English. For example, a standard one-bedroom apartment near Madrid’s city center will run about 1,100 EUR per month (1,200 USD), whereas in Barcelona it will be closer to 1,300 EUR (1,400 USD). Beaches…mountains…fabulous cities…colorful festivals, and, of course, sunshine almost everyplace. This park is also home to the impressive and futuristic-looking Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (the City of Arts and Sciences museum). The city proper encompasses a little under 400 km2 (320 mi2), while the urban area holds 827 km2. Essential ServicesMake Relocating Easy for You. Likewise, an expat realtor can help fellow foreigners find the area that will make them feel most at home, whether that is within a local community or surrounded by other transplants. Yet it’s also a beach town, right on the Mediterranean. Here are 5 affordable places to retire in Spain: Retiring in Valencia, Spain. Right now, for expats, Spain is more affordable than it’s been in decades. According to them, Spain is the 44th most expensive country in the world with an average cost of life of 55.27 (vs 100 for New York). The city of Madrid comprises of about 3.3 million people in a space of around 606 km2 (234 mi2). Architect and modernist Antoni Gaudí has helped Barcelona capture worldwide attention with his unique, colorful building and sculpture designs that are rife throughout the Spanish city.

Costs are considerably lower than in other popular cities in the country. The city itself touts beautiful architecture and there are many natural areas to be enjoyed. The urban area is close to 1.1 million. Segovia. International Living Editor Glynna Prentice says that throughout Spain “a couple can live well in many destinations for as little as about $2,200 a month—even less if they own their home.”. You can walk through leafy green space, beside water, from one side to the other of central Bilbao—and many people do. The metropolitan area is home to just over 1 million (nearly half the population of northern Spain). If you are a single expat moving to Valencia, your living expenses should stay around 600 EUR per month (660 USD), not including rent. For example, in the business world, work hours are long, but so are the breaks. While jobs in tourism and teaching are still the most viable for foreigners looking to move to Bilbao, it is also possible to find jobs in the following sectors: In addition to tourism, these are the region’s most profitable industries. However, this port also means that Málaga is popular with cruise ships, and thus waves of tourists (think: thousands) often take over the city whenever a cruise ship docks.

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