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The drama will take a deep look into the lives of teachers and provide commentary on society through the microcosm of a school setting. During Young-Ha’s memorial, his mother and wife despair as the school refuses to release any compensation for him. Black Dog flows seamlessly as it move from one arc to another. new innity_adZone("5a7b238ba0f6502e5d6be14424b20ded", "91099", {}); new innity_adZone("5a7b238ba0f6502e5d6be14424b20ded", "91100", {}); K-Drama Diary: Relive The Best Moments Of Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin In “Crash Landing On You”, Romantic Korean Dramas On Netflix To Sweeten Your Valentine’s Week, Park Bo Gum Gets His First Acting Breakthrough In “Record of Youth” Episode 7, K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “Do You Like Brahms?” Leaves Our Hearts Fluttering After Every Episode, K-Drama Premiere: “Zombie Detective” Amuses With The Idea of A Zombie Impersonating A Human. We begin in 2007 with three school trip coaches driving along the road. It does not over-emphasize on the bad sides of a school-life.

All Rights Reserved. ( Log Out /  Each of the characters have got their own story to tell about their struggles: be it Song Ji Sun  (Kwon So Hyun) who understands the plight of Ko Ha Neul, Ji Hae Won (Yoo Min Kyu) – who has endured patiently for six years to achieve his goal, Jin Yoo Ra (Lee Eun Saem) – who has high aspirations for her future or Hwang Bo Tong (Jung Taek Hyun) – who needed someone to understand him. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. While both have contrasting personalities, their interests for the school and the students remain the same. That teacher died that day, but he inspired Ha Neul to follow the same path. I’m Penny and I’m a huge Drama fan. This is a perfect drama for anyone who wishes to see a normal school story. [CDATA[*/"div-insticator-ad-1");"div-insticator-ad-2");Insticator.load("em",{id : "b4b6b61a-e43a-46e0-a04e-f172e6aded28"});/*]]>*/. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. What makes this drama quite an exciting watch is its impressive cast who showcase the charms of the respective characters that they are portraying. So, overall, the amount of drama was just enough and the human relationships that were presented were sweet, simple and humane. Ha Neul is trying to become a teacher, but she doesn’t manage to get hired anywhere.

It highlights the importance of a teacher’s role and the innumerable struggles they face while carrying out their duties. We also see that Ms Park was listening to their conversation and just as Ha-Neul gets ready to leave, Ms Park tells her she can quit if she wants to do something better, but a teacher who leaves their students is an unqualified one. The viewers can empathize with most of the characters. The next day, Ha-Neul finds out she actually got the job and receives a one year contract. After hanging up, the vice principal discusses with the principal about hiring only short term teachers with no experience, before heading to a training session on how to fill college records application for students, led by Do Yeon Woo. TVN’s new drama, Black Dog is set to show us the difficulties teachers face and in particular, short-term ones. Finally, she gets a job opportunity at a private school, but there is a catch, the school only hires short term teachers. One day, she gets the opportunity to become a temporary teacher at a private school called Daechi High School. See also SKY Castle  Beautiful World  Moment at Eighteen  CDrama «My Youth»   Miss Lee, I have been watching asian dramas and anime for some years now.

Ha-Neul decides to find her Uncle to confront him about her application. On top of that, rumors start to spread among the teachers that she was hired because her uncle works at the school as well, and everyone isolates her. Change ). I must admit that I’m quite intrigued by the direction this new drama is taking. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Yun Woo is a hard-working teacher who likes when his efforts are recognized. Joining her is Ra Mi Ran, a talented actress known for her effective performance. Apart from the last episode, that was a bit messy and boring; the rest of the drama was really good. Hope you enjoy reading my posts!! She will undoubtedly want to make a difference, especially knowing that the reason she chose that position was because of the teacher who saved her. She’s faced with many challenges already and her colleagues don’t seem supportive at all. As Park Sung Soon, she is a dynamic teacher who has a tough exterior but is actually soft on the inside. While the episode was quite long and felt a little slow, Black Dog has an interesting story and Ha-Neul is a character you can’t help but root for. Each of the stories throws light about the daily problems faced by teachers and school administration providing meaningful life lessons. © 2020 TheReviewGeek. Also, both the female leads have a great chemistry as mentor-mentee. The drama was a nice slice of life with great characters. She insists that she didn’t know and apologizes if anyone was offended. Ha-Neul watches this conversation which upsets her greatly, as she feels responsible and wonders why he saved her. Being a teacher nowadays is no easy feat and by the looks of things, it’s even more difficult in South Korea. ( Log Out /  That’s why Ha Neul is passionate about teaching and connecting with her students.

Ra Mi Ran was a very strong persona in the drama. The talented girls of Lovelyz... CIX will definitely drop another bop as they release a new comeback date and teasers after postponement. The main character of the korean drama Black Dog, The Characters of the korean drama Black Dog, KDrama Review : Class of lies – K&J Reviews, KDrama Review : It’s Okay to be Sensitive, K Drama Review : WebDrama Playlist Global, Summer Recommendations : KDrama 22 Flower Road, Thai Drama : Girl Next Room: Security Love, Summer Recommendations : KDrama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bog Joo.

All the students and teachers manage to come out without too many serious injuries, but they soon realise that Ha-Neul is still on the coach. The drama was a nice slice of life with great characters. Poster of the korean drama Black Dog Cinematography. The main character, Ha Neul, was interesting and her story about how she became a successful teacher and won over her colleagues, was, surprisingly, quite entertaining. Black Dog is a heartening drama that teaches several lessons about life. Determined to find the answer, she heads to the tunnel and vows to find the reason why. A few things to rave about this series include deflecting from the usual high school story narrative.

Additionally, it boasts of a strong supporting lineup, who are all prominent names in the areas of acting; and have had delivered memorable performances in many successful dramas. She’s already facing some tough challenges but looks determined to succeed. Ko Ha Neul’s journey as a temporary teacher itself is so enthralling. One of the teachers, Young-Ha, decides to go back to save her despite the protests of his colleague. The production of the drama was pretty simple, but it fitted the drama well. Also, it was refreshing that they focused more on the teachers rather than the students, a theme that most dramas nowadays exploit. There are numerous school dramas that focus on the life of the students. Expect A Full Season Write Up When This Season Concludes. I’m looking forward to see what will happen next and how well she’ll manage to teach her students. Because it all starts with what Ko Ha Neul thinks, the viewers may initially believe that a certain character does not have the best interests.

Ha Joon did a good job with his performance. ATEEZ joins a roster of idols including those from SF9, PRISTIN, T-ara, and more for KBS 2TV’s newest... Lovelyz is counting down the days for its online concert Deep Forest through individual posters. /*

For the vast majority of school-themed Korean dramas made the emphasis has traditionally been on students - their crushes, their social and family problems, their ambitions to succeed at whatever talents they have, etc. It shows that sometimes life throws difficult challenges with very little hope. Ha-Neul heads to school for her first day and soon hears that her uncle works there, which makes her realise that the post on the internet was probably about her. After a very tough first day, Ha-Neul struggles to stay composed, holding back tears but with determination, she makes her way in for the first day back with the students and decides to face Ms Park, which is where the episode ends. She has been dreaming of being a teacher that helps her students and connects with them, after she was saved by a teacher when she was a student, a teacher who, after saving her, died. Unlike the usual plot, the teachers in the series do empathize with the students. The remaining members of the College Advisory Group, Do Yeon Woo and Bae Myung Soo (Lee Chang Hoon) completes the team making it perfect. After the candidates leave, Ms Park and Young-Tae clash, as she wants to know who was chosen, because of connections they have in the school. Ha Neul was saved by her teacher when she was in an accident back in high school. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. - but here in this wonderful, warm, and realistic Korean drama called Black Dog (2019-20) the emphasis is primarily on the teachers, their struggles both professionally and personally, and their … It does not have bullying and there is an absence of purely evil character be it a student or teacher.

Suddenly, an explosion engulfs the tunnel and kills Young-Ah in the process. After work, Ha-Neul decides to visit Lady Song, but as she looks through the window, she sees that she’s crying and ignoring her call, upset by some previous customers who made some bad comments about her late husband. I probably spend more time watching drama than sleeping >.< I made this blog to share my thoughts about the dramas I watch with others. Sung Soon is a senior teacher who struggles to juggle her job and her family duties.

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