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: an lucht siúil) – koczownicza grupa etniczna pochodzenia irlandzkiego, posiadająca odrębny język oraz kulturę. Co.Cork (14 entries, 1 of which names no families) The Gailic prefix "m(a)c" means "son of", plus the personal name Donnchadha, a compound of the elements "donn" meaning "brown", plus "cath", a battle. It might be from years ago. There are many families of them here.”, O’Brien, O’Reilly, Delaney Cawley Visiting, Carty “Thirty to forty years ago the principal groups [plural!] Co.Laois (1 entry, exact location unclear), Hutchinson “specialise in chimney sweeping”, Co.Carlow (1 entry, exact location unclear), [Location in Westmeath unclear; describes “areas in which these families operate” as “Meath, Westmeath, Offaly, Longford, Cavan and up towards the North” without subdividing], * another Westmeath entry also lists “Keena”, so this is probably not a misprint for “Keenan”, a surname not mentioned even once in the 1953 data, (“fierce battles” fought between Nevinses and Joyces at Umma 2 years ago), Joyce one of the 3 “best known clans” “West of the Shannon”. This surame does not appear to have become established.

Genetic studies by Miriam Murphy, David Croke, and other researchers identified certain genetic diseases such as Galactosemia that are more common in the Irish

Only one of the five entries for the County Westmeath confines itself to that county. “really family traders”, Carthy, Casey, Faulkner/Fortner [sic] Kilrush, Lawrence From Connaught. This research was made possible by a generous grant from the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences. McCawley [sic] Leitrim, Longford, Roscommon, “The first two families move about through Leitrim, Longford and Roscommon. Twelve surnames are listed but three of these are attributed to individual non-Traveller men, only one of whom “married in”. FROM MEMORY: NAVAN 50 YEARS EARLIER (turn of century; 76 year old informant moved from Navan to Limerick 50 years ago): Total 21 surnames, Sheridan the only one mentioned by all three informants. 1.

Sheridans’ Glen just outside Castleisland attests Kerry presence ( Sheridan = exclusively Traveller name in Kerry). This website contains a list of Traveler surnames gleaned from research through parish records. Ballina(99 year old informant – born a decade after the beginning of the Famine! Clones, re Cavan/Monaghan/Fermanagh border, Cawley intermarried with Cooneys, Dohertys, [Dohertys not mentioned except as intermarrying with Cawleys]. Total 20 names. ], 7. “about 4 generations back” came from Killoe Co. Longford – evicted. Posiadają również pewne wspólne cechy łączące je z innymi nomadycznymi grupami (np. Given the clannishness of Travelers, and by comparison with the status of settled gypsies/roma in France, I find it unlikely that people with such ancestry would be so thoroughly assimilated, so my guess is that non-Traveler Irish folk can have those names. no indication of why they’re separate from “tinkers”. Much rivalry with Nevinses.

I'm not sure our blood is even that different to theirs anyway. (nine entries, three of which give no surnames).
“Approximating to the tinker clans were the McGuigans and the Sharkeys.

But non travellers have those names aswell. They never spoke a word of Irish…”]. – “who are a constant danger to property.”. They include Ó Tuathaigh [Twohey], mentioned exclusively in Nenagh but identified as the biggest family there. The (O’)Donovans and Joyces are mentioned twice each. gives details re founding father William. The remaining nine are one-offs. Sindy Joyce The first Irish Traveller to obtain a doctorate from an Irish university, human rights activist, Member of the Council of State.

Fourteen surnames noted, with Ward (six mentions), Maughan (four) and McDonaghs (three) the most widespread, and another two (Mongans and Furey) with two mentions each.

Maughan local; N Mayo, Tineragh Co. Sligo, Ward local; N Sligo, Tineragh, Co. Donegal, McDonagh local; Sligo & N Connacht generally, Cawley local; Roscommon, S Sligo, Tineragh, Twelve surnames in all, only three of them (Cawley, McDonagh and. No, not all people with these names are travellers, although these are very common names within the travelling community. The remainder are all once-offs.

(Two entries, only one of which lists surnames. “Most of the older McDonaghs Wards and Dohertys can and do speak Irish among themselves or when so addressed.” It would be interesting to know more about the informant, especially his own familiarity with Irish, as only one other entry makes such a claim and so many others (including the very next entry) specifically note Travellers’ inability to speak this language. 3. NBC host to Trump: 'You're not like someone's crazy uncle', Fact-checking the Trump and Biden town halls, ESPN Falcons reporter Vaughn McClure dies at 48, Actor explains Trump's oddly high Latinx support, Feds examining source of alleged Hunter Biden emails, McConnell breaks with Trump on stimulus deal, Blood type may predict your COVID-19 risk: Study, Giuliani's daughter defies dad and endorses Biden, C-SPAN penalizes Scully after false hacking claims, 'Captain America' is taking on Trump ahead of election. Do you have to ne fully Itish to join the IRA or the fanclub, orchid it like the Italian mafia where you need to be 100% sicilian. Delaney, McDonagh, Sheridan and Sherlock get two mentions each and the remaining 9 names are all one-offs.

The latter are not of Irish homogeneity. Says few Traveller families locally; “nothing to poach”! Według Głównego Urzędu Statystycznego Irlandii (CSO) w 2011 liczba osób określających się jako Irish Travellers wynosiła 29 573. Also Sheridan, (Note: “comparatively recently” a man named Jenkins married into the Gradys.
Even though my parents and siblings look down on travellers, (I must add in I do not, as we are all human beings and deserved to be treated as equals) do you still think that because of my surname, it is inevitable that I have some traveller blood in me? Co.Kerry (9 entries, 1 of which names no families). Having that surname does not necessarily imply a traveller ancestry. (I know not all travellers are like this, I live near a town highly populated with travellers and some of them are kind-hearted, friendly people). Biggest group. A few Irish Travelers emigrated to America during the Potato Famine of the mid-19 th century. Cashman or Cash “The Piper” well known in Connemara. tinkers travel on carts

Travel all South West Donegal from the Rosses to Ballyshannon. The remaining five are one-offs.

And someone with traveler ancestors might have a very different surname if the traveller ancestry came via the maternal line which changed upon marriage. But as a rule the strangers move off.”, “These are called tinkers and are regarded as distinct from Gypsies [sic] who are often dealers in horses and make wickerwork articles.” [but no surnames given! “often live in houses for considerable periods – especially around Ballyshannon.”, “The Ward and McDonagh clan [sic singular] have intermarried and to a great extent travel together.

Mullagh Co. Cavan is their base. Stokes Tinkers. Note that the Ballymoe respondent lists three names followed by “etc.”, and that the Sheridans are classed as “Gypsies” while the Smiths – identified as Protestants – are not. [Castlebar district court Connaught Telegraph 21 June 1952 covers a Collins arson case – son accused of burning out his own father.

Irish Travellers (też Pavee; irl. beyond the list of words enclosed.”. Second hand information from named informants: Coffee, Harrington, McCarthy, Ford Killarney. The informant who describes the Só-hós as a branch of the Donoghues mentions the Donoghues separately.

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