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When I was a boy, the domineering Yorkshire vet Siegfried Farnon seemed a genial monster – irascible, brilliant but unpredictable, one of the explosive characters typical of my grandfathers’ prewar generation. But that’s what vets do, in the country, they put their arms up cows’ bums, in order to check up on – or to extract – the calves.

Subfamily bovinae – sacred to some, tea for others, cud chewer, milk producer, lunar hurdler in weird English nursery rhyme. “Procedure-wise, you can’t do anything to an animal that it doesn’t require, or you’re not trained to do,” Ralph told the Radio Times.

Not as pompous as Robert Hardy in the ’70s BBC version, but more human, and just as eccentric.

The remake of All Creatures Great And Small faithfully revives the spirit of the beloved 1978 series and sticks even more closely to Herriot stories. See an all-new preview for the series! Get the scoop on all-new series premiering in 2021!

Young James was living with his parents in a Glasgow tenement, desperate to put his veterinary training to use. Married policeman accused of strangling lover to death in a car 'sobbed... Vape use falls by 400,000 in 12 months - amid fears unfounded health worries are scaring people off using... Mormon missionary from Utah, 20, dies after slipping and falling during a hike while serving in Switzerland.

Don’t worry, you’ll see it again.

He’s still the fresh-faced innocent, clumsily knocking over ornaments and muddling up pets, just as Christopher Timothy played him more than 40 years ago. Published 4:06 pm EDT, Wednesday, September 9, 2020 Sometimes on television; we’ll come to that. For Channel Five, the remake is a natural choice.

They filmed the calving scenes using a prosthetic substitute, an artificial cow’s rear. Feature Yes, but this time Nicholas Ralph, who takes over from Christopher Timothy as Herriot, won’t be going shoulder-deep. All Creatures Great and Small, Channel 5, review: Who needs superheroes when you can watch a vet coax a cow to its feet? We didn’t have to wait long for the arrival of Siegfried – played by Samuel West, with a hefty dose of homage to Robert Hardy.

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Funny thing... from this distance, that gap appears to have vanished.

I outraged him once by suggesting that someone (preferably me) should gather all his wonderful anecdotes and tall tales into a biography. Dame Diana Rigg as Mrs Pumphrey (owner of the snappish Pekingese, Tricki Woo) hasn’t appeared yet either. A remake of the 1978-1990 series.

Moment armed police serve Liverpool gym owner with £1,000 fine as he REFUSES to bow to Covid closedown order.

Bosses at the channel are so confident that this six-part series will be a hit that they’ve also filmed a Christmas special.

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