brothers restaurant on hertel

How about Casey's on Hertel, Dirty Dick's Bathhouse, No Name Bar, Casey's Nickelodeon on Elmwood, Shane's Tavern, Beef 'n Ale House on Grant St and Main St.,McVann's, Colony Lounge, Parkside Grill, The One Eye'd Cat on Bryant St., Pat's on Bailey Ave., Slatt's on Bailey Ave, the 300 Club, the Library, Bailos, Maxl's Brau Stube, John Barleycorn's on Bailey Ave.,Fibber McGee's on Seneca Street, Sunday's on Elmwood Ave, the Locker Room. Me and some chick drank up the entire stock of it at this bar. Anyone remember The Inferno in Glen Park, Williamsville? Club Ivanhoe on Forrest on Saturday nights had Chic and Diplomats. In the basement on Main near Vernon/Fillmore, a few doors down from the old avenue pizza when it was at corner of vernon and main. Listen to Stan and the Ravens! OH MY GOODNESS!! There was the Show Bar on Main and the Everglades and Kings. In the early 80's, it opened as Rooftops. Some say the original Buffalo Sports Garden but though "Forum" was in the name. Fantastic Floor Show. What about Gabels!? Aaah, Johnny Mathis on the sound system, Millie as your waitress, and Benny checking(?) I spent about an hour with him.

Let's add the No Name on Hertel, and the Golden Pheasant on Delaware in Kenmore (seemed like no one was allowed over 18!). I used to go 'over the ditch' from St.Catharines back in the sixties, cause you only had to be 18, and 15 seemed to be okay too.
IT also snowed EVERY day. Played Ciro's lounge on Chipewa, and dozens of spots all over Western New York. Can't remember the name of the bar, thought it was Copa Cabana or something similar. If anyone knows where the Red Pepper Tavern used to be, please let me know. Does anyone have a picture of the knickerbocker bar? The drinking age was 18 also. Half my family's from the south, so I've had it many times and thought it was great, but this, well, it's on a different plane. CATERING. anyone remember and or have pictures of the utica club on west utica or sams happy hour near the peace bridge, Yeah. This is going back some but does anyone know the name of the bar that was there prior to Daly's Tavern in 1957? Miss it.

Any other vets of the BV out there? I'm from Buffao back in the 50s/60s. After that it was a short walk down the block to the Towne restaurant for breakfast at 4:00 am. I remember the "Wheel" and the chant of "Freddy's Special", hoping that wheel would hit on the special so everyone got a shot of some disgustingly sweet concoction. Thanks, my mom and dad always went to gillitzers on new years eve where was that located? How about "The Andante" on Hertle where "The Vibratos" played ...along with The Town Casino and The "Glen Casino" ?? OMG! I remember rattan chair swinging from the ceiling.

Here's to the good old days in Buffalo - I'll always remember heading down to Eduardo's after the BBC closed for some after hours fun and stopping at the Mighty Taco along the way. Great place for a young cocktail waitress! Saw buddy guy, Harvey mandel in this old barn. Ive got an old poster from the Belle Starr advertising COCO MORGAN, any one remember the Belle Starr, good old days. The legendary CASEY's Bar on Hertel Ave- the original, late 60s early 70s (then moved to Elmwood and totally different), Growing up in Buffalo was a Blast i remember every Fri nite we went to Beef & Ale on Grant got there early to avoid the cover my best friend would go in with my DL (no pics on them back then) and I used my Sheriffs card (remember them)I have been reading all the comments and brought back such fun memories and fun places allentown bars McVans no name on elmwood and all the rest grew up in Black Rock so went to all the dives what fun, Does anyone know of a Silver Eagle Grill at Jefferson & Riley and when it was in existence I have a "Gone to P" leave my drink alone card from there. If anyone's got pictures of any of these classic Buffalo spots, post them for us! The name of bar at corner of Dartmouth and Bailey ave . I'm trying to remember the name of a HUGE dance club that was off of the colvin extension across from the blue whale.They used to get a lot of live acts (Talas etc..)but was a dance club other nights late 80's early 90's can anybody help?? Great place.

Brothers Takeout & Catering fuses soul, Caribbean food on Hertel – The Buffalo News Only in Buffalo.... Mill Valley, CA is worse than a cemetery for drinks ... What happened to Flay's? What a wonderful look back.

Does anyone remember where the Lone Star bar was located, either Union Road or Transit Road? Good times. Does anyone know what happened to the Poor House bar? Glass bar on Main. Trying to put a little thing together before the show next week. , Lancaster, N.Y? Spoon was a steelworker by day and a bluesman at night. Thanks to all who posted pix . I am sorry to say I do not have a photo of Caseys on Hertel or Elmwood to add to the collection here but kudos to the website. We remember Gillitzers. Remember seeing Sting with POLICE at Stage in Clarence for 1$ admission can't remember date, Remember the Club Ivanhoe and Chic and the Diplomats on Saturday nights.

I'd love to see some pictures of the Belle Starr. I believe an Irish woman owned it befoe them. What about Schoney's? I was only there once, around 1962. i been looking for bars on tupper called nimorod and nicks busit buffalo and house at 165 10st and school 1 but no luck finding on your site of anything i been looking for as in the 70's around west side of buffalo, not sure why i keeps bringin me to this page when i'm looking for old bars..and schools and so on because this page never has what i'm looking for. Thanks a million! I just found this site about a month ago and think it is GREAT to remember the past! How about the Tedra, between N. Tonawanda & the Falls? I was LUCKY enough to have worked at all of them. Does anyone remember a bar/grill called Muder's (sp?) I suspect it had been a club before Jan's. Another fine place I used to frequent in the 1970's was RYAN's PUB in West Seneca. Johnnie offered wierd bacon sandwiches, no lettuce, no tomato, just bacon between two very large pieces of toasted white bread. I know there are a few posts that comment on the Rooftop.

I remember when the older Mr. Casey celebrated his son coming home from the service. It is featuring photos of the bands that played there. THe last thing they opened while I was around was the ELECTRIC COMPANY disco and bar on Allen Street, I think. Does anyone remember the band Peace Bridge that used to play at Sestak and Maguire's? Another mid-late classic was Melanies on Main near Transit in Amherst. Hi. Something like Copa Cabana Had live music in the 50's Jazz Willie Rustum and his baritone sax. The bar with the horse was called the Tack Room.

Tripped thru Dirty Dick's a few times. TALAS, FREEZE, COCK RORIN TERRA NOVA, ETC.. South on Union at Old French was the "Big Apple". It also say's "1802 Niagra St., Buffalo. Does anyone remember the name of the bar that was on the northwest corner of Main and Amherst St. in Buffalo? Hah! Great pics! the locker room was at delaware and e. delevan, What was the name of the bar that had magicians?

The Fishermans Wharf on Chippewa Street was a great place to chill out.

I remember the Mug well. I am trying to find anyone who went to a bar on Elmwood I think it was between W. Delavan and W. Ferry called Sunday's. Does any one remember the band black star back in the 80s.from south buffalo. I was 16 when I saw Stan & the Ravens in the front window at The Hideaway on Delevan.

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