buffy the vampire slayer episodes

Down goes Parker.

Giles and Anya seek answers and learn of. Or possibly even if it does. Spike discovers that he can hurt Buffy. The gang finds themselves in a real-life house of horrors while a Halloween frat party, in which a fear demon feeds on their individual fears. Please read the following before uploading. Meanwhile. Xander goes undercover on the Sunnydale swim team after members begin turning up dead.

Dawn attempts to resurrect Joyce with the help of Spike and Doc, but stops part way through the ceremony. Willow breaks the spell and Buffy and Spike find themselves in the middle of a kiss. Faith tells Giles that Buffy is the one who slew the Deputy Mayor, but Giles guesses the truth.

| The Slayers get a new Watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. then seduces and attacks a girl as the First Evil looks on.

A lovelorn Spike returns and kidnaps Willow to cast a love spell on. She confronts him, and he says he's going away with the military if she doesn't give him a reason to stay.   | 

Seasons one to five of the series ran on the WB.In 2001, it moved to the United Paramount Network for its final two seasons.In the United Kingdom, the entire series aired on Sky One and BBC Two. Dawn's simple crush on Sunnydale High's star quarterback RJ Brooks starts to become obsessive, leading Buffy to investigate the boy herself.

| The Scoobies manage to raise Buffy from the dead with a powerful spell.

When teen vampire slayer Buffy tries to start a new life at Sunnydale High, she discovers that the school sits atop a demonic dimensional portal. Angel decides to do the right thing and break up with Buffy. Also, she meets Cordelia and her friends, and Giles, her new Watcher, tells her more about her destiny. Meanwhile, a vampire discovers that the Slayer has been replaced by a robot. 44 min Giles leaves Sunnydale after wondering whether he still has a place in Sunnydale without Buffy.

Glory decides Dawn doesn't know the Key's location, and Willow and Tara teleport Glory elsewhere. Buffy discovers The Initiative's secret weapon; Riley becomes unstable due to the death of Professor Walsh and drug withdrawal; Adam reveals some information about himself, while trying to learn about people by investigating their insides. Willow chooses among colleges while Xander plans a road trip. Buffy investigates, and soon comes to believe that Cassie is psychic rather than suicidal. It looks like it has cheese. Veruca tries to kill Willow, Oz-wolf kills Veruca, and Buffy stops him from attacking Willow. Shortly after returning to Sunnydale, Willow is captured by a demon who enjoys eating the skin of his victims. Meanwhile, the newly-ensouled Spike is seeking solace in the maze-like basement of the new school, and Willow begins her rehabilitation with Giles in England.

The Mayor and Faith plot to steal Angel's soul and let Angelus remove Buffy from the picture. To rob the song of its power, Spike must step into his own past and relive one of the most traumatic experiences of his unnaturally long life. When Buffy, and all the other women who see RJ, also fall in love with him, Spike and Xander. Spike goes to comfort the displaced Buffy while Faith tries to rally the troops into action. Buffy struggles to fit back into Sunnydale life.

In that time, 144 episodes of the series were made.

Series 1 Episode 1. With Kendra murdered by Drusilla, Willow in the hospital with head trauma and Giles kidnapped by Angelus, Buffy must decode Whistler's cryptic clues and accept help from an unexpected source to be able to prevent the world from being sucked into Acathla's hell dimension. She plans to leave town on the next freighter, but secretly enters the Mayor's employ, after dusting his assassin, Mr. Buffy Summers, a high school sophomore, faces her destiny as a slayer … Fulfilling her wish, the demon causes everyone at Buffy's birthday party to be unable to leave. Dawn finds vengeful spirits in the new Sunnydale High; Giles is rehabilitating Willow in England. Sympathetic at first, Buffy nevertheless stops Marcie when she goes too far. Opening the box leads to enchanted shadow. Home. As she goes insane, Angel, Giles and Wesley struggle to save her. Two all-season collections (The Chosen Collection and The Complete DVD Collection) have been also been released. Later, both Slayers set off on a late-night raid, and both find something completely unexpected. Wanting to be a vengeance demon again, Anya tricks Willow into helping with a spell to retrieve her power center, the amulet Giles destroyed in an alternate reality (". Please don't let any of these things get in the way of watching this show (like me :C). The Hollywood Reporter Glory discovers the Key, and Buffy and company must flee from the Knights of Byzantium, too.

Buffy is attacked by a series of assassins, one of whom identifies herself as "Kendra, the Vampire Slayer."

The only thing the young Frankensteins need now is Cordy's head—can. They decide to make Buffy think that she has killed Katrina, using magical and demonic forces. [2] In the United Kingdom, the entire series aired on Sky One and BBC Two. Willow finally gives in to Kennedy's advances, and they share a lingering kiss.

Adam Sandler Pays Tribute to Mr. In tracking down the monster, the Scoobies soon discover that an estranged friend has returned to her old ways. Drusilla plans her own celebration as Spike collects her presents: the disassembled pieces of The Judge, an ancient demon called to cleanse the world of humanity. For the three first season 6 (the first UPN season) episodes (Bargaining parts 1 and 2, and Afterlife), the ending credits had almost 3/4 parts of the screen occupied by the Buffy logo (as seen on the opening with the moon behind), and the credits appearing under it.

The Scoobies discovers Spike's new toy; Glory's minions kidnap Spike, thinking he is the Key. Willow's new Internet chat buddy turns out to be a powerful demon electronically unleashed from a centuries-old, newly digitized book. Xander believes him and leaves Anya. Xander finally announces his engagement to Anya, and the group make their way back to Buffy's house to celebrate; Dawn sneaks out on Halloween by lying to Buffy; Willow uses magic with abandon. Buffy discovers Angel's dark secret and hesitates to do anything about it, which could spell danger for someone she loves. Xander saves the world by defeating Jack in a contest of wills. Buffy suspects she has a witch on her hands when the cheerleading squad falls victim to sudden blindness and spontaneous combustion. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an American television series created by Joss Whedon, which premiered on March 10, 1997.It concluded on May 20, 2003, after seven seasons with 144 episodes in total, plus an unaired pilot episode. Emotions between Willow and Anya come to a boil over Xander, and they summon a troll (. A primordial spirit haunts Buffy, Giles, Willow and Xander in their individual, cryptic nightmares involving the, Buffy is having trouble getting along with her new sister, Xander is split into two people by a demon, one strong, the other weak. all the Potential Slayers. A misogynistic "preacher" named Caleb has come to town, and he throws down the gauntlet as soon as he. She orders Quentin to give her the scoop on Glory; she's a god, not a demon. She wants him to stay, but doesn't tell him in time. Buffy is settling in to her job as the newest counselor at Sunnydale High helping troubled teens and sorting out problems.

Meanwhile, Willow has mixed emotions as she prepares to leave England and return to Sunnydale.

Spike, who was captured by the commandos, is being held hostage by them in a hi-tech facility underneath the University. When April goes looking for him, he tells her Buffy is his girlfriend, and she attacks Buffy.

The bag contains various items including weapons, a book, and a strange sealed box. Dawn discovers that she is the Key, becomes depressed, and runs away. Deeds Co-star Conchata Ferrell, 15 October 2020 She investigates a dead body that is found in the girls' locker room, and, with the help of her new friends Willow and Xander, she fights a gang of vampires. Buffy squares off, physically and mentally, against former classmate Holden Webster, who has just risen as a vampire. Amy turns herself into a rat to escape the angry mob. enters Sunnydale. After rescuing a group of people in a church that has been attacked by vampires, they switch their bodies back. The first five seasons aired on The WB, and in 2001, it transferred to UPN for its final two seasons.

wounds caused by Tara's death.

Glory and the Knights of Byzantium target Buffy, and she realizes it's because she has power over them.

Buffy Summers, a high school sophomore, faces her destiny as a slayer of the undead, Buffy and her friends encounter a powerful vampire bent on opening a portal to a dimension inhabited by demons, A witch attempts to eliminate Buffy from a cheerleading competition, Buffy's biology teacher is killed by a giant praying mantis that assumes the form of a beautiful substitute teacher, While Buffy awaits the arrival of a warrior vampire, she dates a boy who is attracted to her exciting lifestyle, Xander and several other students are possessed by the spirit of a demonic breed of hyenas that wreak havoc at the high school, Buffy discovers Angel's horrifying secret, Willow unwittingly unleashes a powerful demon that takes refuge on the internet, Buffy suspects that a ventriloquist's dummy may be harvesting organs from classmates performing in a talent show, Buffy and her friends discover that their worst nightmares have become reality, As the May Queen election approaches an invisible force attacks Cordelia's closest friends, Giles discovers an ancient book foretelling Buffy's death at the hands of the Master. Spike's profession of love for Buffy is spurned when Drusilla returns. Xander gets a job bar tending at the college pub; Buffy drinks with an upperclassmen at that pub. Warren, Andrew and Jonathan try to make Warren's ex-girlfriend Katrina their sexual slave using magic, but when she fights back she accidentally gets killed. With secret reluctance, Cordelia dumps Xander to appease her friends. Buffy and her friends encounter a powerful vampire bent on opening a portal to a dimension inhabited by demons. Buffy becomes a counselor at Sunnydale High and meets a girl who predicts her own death. Next issue: October 14, 2020 Next issue: October 28, 2020 Rupert Giles was the Watcher …

Xander tries to be cool and hangs out with Jack O'Toole, who resurrects three of his former buddies.

Taken over to play the parts, Buffy and Angelus change the tragic outcome just enough for the lovers' spirits to find peace, and for Buffy to learn about forgiveness.

Buffy attempts to attack her friends, locks them in her basement and unleashes the same demon on them.

Willow finds Andrew buying blood and decides to take him prisoner also. Faith's new Watcher, Gwendolyn Post, turns out to be an impostor. Xander meets a young woman, Nancy, whose dog was eaten by a large creature that burrowed up out of the ground. Buffy wakes from a bad dream with the warning, "From beneath you, it devours."

Riley returns to town with his new wife Sam, to track down a demon known as "The Doctor", which turns out to be Spike. The first five seasons aired on The WB, and in 2001, it transferred to UPN for its final two seasons. She investigates a dead body that is found in the girls' locker room, and, with the help of her new friends Willow and Xander, she fights a gang of vampires. She tells her tale to Ben, who morphs into Glory. After flu lands Buffy in the hospital, she rescues fevered children from.

At Sunnydale High, Buffy and Xander stop a potential sniper and a mass murder. The young women of Sunnydale are falling for the high school quarterback; Xander and Spike become reluctant roommates. Buffy must win back the confidence of potential slayers. Buffy suspects that a ventriloquist's dummy may be harvesting organs from classmates performing in a talent show.

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