differences between spanish and english culture

Shaking hands is expected across both genders, and once a relationship is established, it is normal for men to embrace or pat each other on the shoulder, while female friends may kiss each other on each cheek. But then, you immediately miss the hearty tapas you’ve enjoyed during the week, and the cold refreshing beer, and the zingy, fruity taste of a fresh glass of sangria. In Spain, lunch is the main meal.

The Hispanic tendency is to embellish the facts, to be heard and to let others know what you’re thinking and feeling - precisely the opposite to that of the English. In Spain, Christmas Day isn’t the main event.

In English, there are many prefixes that can be added to various words to create the opposite of that word or negate its meaning. The English have accommodated a huge variety of beverages including wine, beer and spirits.

With a little practice, these difference won’t seem so big. In England, handshakes are common although kisses (usually once on the cheek) and hugs are usually reserved between very good friends. This will help you start to speak a little faster with fewer obvious mistakes. Other parts of speech, including relative pronouns and adjectives, must also match the gender of the noun. I thought I was fairly family-oriented until I came to Spain. Around the time when I’d usually be raiding the cupboard in search of a few Digestives to go with my afternoon cup of tea, the Spanish are having their ‘merienda’ - a small sandwich, a pastry or a yoghurt with fruit. One of the most noticeable differences in punctuation between English and Spanish is that Spanish places punctuation at both the beginning and the end of a sentence when that sentence expresses a question or excitement.

This is not a problem in Spanish because you can negate any verb by simply putting “no” before it. Here in Spain though, after failing to accidentally be late like the rest of the Spanish population, I find myself planning to be late. Learning exactly what is meant by these prepositions can be challenging for English speakers, but having fewer words to choose from can also make it much easier to remember all of them. In England, rows of terraced houses, ‘Harry Potter style’ detached homes, country cottages and sprawling mansions are commonplace. There are a few exceptions to this rule that you might encounter because some types of adjectives work differently. With that in mind, here are 10 of our favorite cultural differences between Spain and England that we think deserve to be celebrated.

Among the many obvious differences between Spain and England - the sun, the sand, the blue skies - here are six of the more subtle cultural distinctions that I’ve noticed during my first few weeks in Spain.

For example, “The cat is sitting on top of the chair, and the dog is sleeping under it.” While Spanish certainly has prepositions, there are fewer of them in Spanish than there are in English. This need not be the case. Dinner time can then fall at any hour between 9pm and midnight (which takes some adjusting to!!). After a couple of weeks of reacting appropriately to each outburst of extreme emotion, I realised I might need to apply a filter so that I didn’t jump out of my skin every half hour. And this isn’t me trying to lay it on thick. Having the opportunity to compare cultures is a wonderful experience, particularly when you can learn from it and take new ideas home – either to practice in the kitchen, or in your garden, or even on your decor!

In English, we talk about feelings using some form of a “being” verb, like “am.” In Spanish, the verb for “to have” is often used instead. Here in Spain though, 30’C would still be considered an appropriate temperature for jeans! How many times have you returned home from a holiday in Spain or the Canary Islands, and all you really wanted was a good cup of English tea? In Spain, typical desserts consist of a flan such as crème caramel or caramel custard, while pastries and biscuits are popular too. More often, the gender is completely arbitrary, and it will require memorizing the words and their genders. The tradition doesn’t exist in England, partly due to the shorter nature of lunches, but also because the temperatures are typically cooler. ‘She’s English, what can we expect!’ they said.

Gift-giving happens in January, while December 25th is all about eating your bodyweight in fabulous cuisine. For most native English-speakers, gender is one of the most complicated new rules to grasp. Being in such a huge extended family circle means that everyone helps everyone which is fab when you’ve got your hands full, however it also means that news of a paper-cut travels faster than one of the kids can spit out their dummy - so be careful!

Canarias Recipe Blogger Competition – Terms & Conditions, 10 Cultural Differences Between Spain & England. Centro MundoLengua is excited that you’ve chosen to study abroad with us! In Spanish, the adjectives come after the object, so you would talk about the truck large red. In England the evening meal is the main course, normally taken around 7.00 pm.

English is one of the simplest European languages because all nouns have the same articles.

Generally, many English drink ‘to get drunk’, and the English drinking culture is quite different to that of the Spanish, who tend to restrict drinks to mealtimes. 5.

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