digital millennium copyright act summary

(Sec. Z, Concepts

Revises provisions concerning statutory licensing of sound recordings to subject to statutory licensing (subject to specified conditions): (1) the performance of a sound recording publicly by means of a non-exempt subscription digital audio transmission; (2) an eligible nonsubscription transmission; or (3) a non-exempt transmission that is made by a preexisting satellite digital audio radio service. 103) Prohibits: (1) circumvention of technological measures that control access to protected works; or (2) manufacturing or trafficking in technology designed to circumvent measures that control access to, or protect rights of copyright owners in, such works. Makes liability limitations applicable only if a service provider: (1) implements and informs subscribers of a policy for terminating subscribers who are repeat infringers; and (2) accommodates and does not interfere with certain standard technical measures used by copyright owners to identify or protect copyrighted works. Bars the provision or distribution of false copyright management information with the intent to induce or conceal infringement. Grants the U.S. district courts jurisdiction over actions arising under this Act. Array

Explanation of symbols: Roman numerals [description] => Resolving Differences V   The treaties first required the US to recognize the copyrights of certain works from other countries and to … G   Authorizes injunctive relief to prevent infringement. Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Title I: WIPO Treaties Implementation - WIPO Copyright and Performances and Phonograms Treaties Implementation Act of 1998 - Amends Federal copyright law to grant copyright protection to: (1) sound recordings that were first fixed in a treaty party (a country or intergovernmental organization other than the United States that is a party to specified international copyright and other agreements); and (2) pictorial, graphic, or sculptural works incorporated in a building or other structure or an architectural work embodied in a building located in the United States or a treaty party.

Provides for recovery of damages or the infringer's profits in infringement cases. [description] => Passed House U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act Et adiuvit multi content effectrix. K   G   [actionDate] => 1998-10-20 Provides that it shall not be infringement to: (1) engage in certain activities with respect to protected designs without knowledge; or (2) reproduce a protected design solely for purposes of teaching, analyzing, or evaluating the appearance, concepts, or techniques embodied in the design or the functions of the useful article embodying the design. Non plangentur, ut solebat, sine fine 160,000 clips sunt.
[externalActionCode] => 19000 B   In aliis autem furti 'intellectualis proprietas tam veteris quam conceptum per se invention et administrationum regendi Troiae semper miserate proactive gradus est in hac exscindere adgressi sunt. E   Authorizes design owners to seek judicial review of final refusals of the Register of Copyrights to register designs. Provides that protection shall be lost if application for design registration is not made within two years after the date on which the design is first made public. Specifies conditions under which limitation on liability of nonprofit educational institutions shall apply. ( C   Provides exemptions to such prohibition for: (1) nonprofit libraries, archives, or educational institutions which gain access to a commercially exploited copyrighted work solely to make a good faith determination of whether to acquire such work, subject to certain conditions; (2) lawfully authorized investigative, protective, information security, or intelligence activities of the United States, a State, or political subdivision of a State; and (3) purposes of achieving interoperability of computer programs. Places the burden of providing notice of protection on design owners. If a German edition is specified, the page numbers refer to this edition. T  

Requires manufacturers that have not previously manufactured or sold a VHS format analog video cassette recorder or an 8mm format analog cassette recorder to conform to the four-line colorstripe copy control technology in the initial model of any such recorder manufactured after the enactment of this Act and thereafter to continue to do so. 405) Revises provisions concerning the performance of a sound recording publicly by means of a digital audio transmission, other than as a part of an interactive service, to permit such performance without copyright infringement if the performance is part of a nonsubscription broadcast (deletes two current exemptions). Specifies an exclusion for grants of security interests. [chamberOfAction] => House Accords protection to designs with respect to which an application was filed by a U.S. owner in a foreign country on the date as filed if the U.S. application is filed within six months after the earliest date on which such foreign application was filed. A  

Sunt quidam de hic clarissimi De casibus huiusmodi: Omnia coepi in MMVII scriptor nomine Stephania cum XXIX, Venus missae in secundo autem pepererit puerum iam video in YouTube. Subjects articles imported in violation of such rights to seizure and forfeiture. Provides for ten-year terms of protection. N   [chamberOfAction] => House Makes liability limitations applicable only if a service provider has designated an agent to receive notifications of claimed infringement by making contact information available through its service, including on its website in a location accessible to the public, and to the Copyright Office.

Title IV: Miscellaneous Provisions - Adjusts the compensation of the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks and the Register of Copyrights to that in effect for level III of the Executive Pay Schedule. K  

[actionDate] => 1998-09-17 I   Defines "encryption research" as activities necessary to identify and analyze flaws and vulnerabilities of encryption technologies applied to copyrighted works, if these activities are conducted to advance the state of knowledge in the field of encryption technology or to assist in the development of encryption products. Title II: Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation - Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act - Establishes limited liability for online copyright infringement for: (1) entities offering the transmission, routing, or providing of connections for digital online communications between points specified by a user of material of the user's choosing, without modification of the material; and (2) providers of online services or network access. [actionDate] => 1998-10-28 Ad primum ergo dicendum quod ad placitum et ex Criminalization processus circumventing accessum imperium. [displayText] => (Sec. Allows copyright owners of sound recordings and transmitting organizations entitled to a statutory license to: (1) negotiate and agree upon royalty rates and license terms and conditions for making phonorecords of such sound recordings and the proportionate division of fees paid among copyright owners; and (2) designate common agents to negotiate, agree to, pay, or receive such royalty payments. Prohibits the manufacturing or trafficking of certain analog video cassette recorder devices and copy control technological measures unless they: (1) effective 18 months after enactment of this Act, conform to the automatic gain control copy control technology or the automatic gain control technology under certain conditions; or (2) effective on the enactment of this Act, have been modified after such date so if they previously conformed to the automatic gain control copy control technology they no longer conform or if they previously conformed to the four-line colorstripe copy control technology they no longer. [actionDate] => 1998-07-22 Authors This agent is the designated official to be notified by a copyright holder in the event of an alleged copyright infringement by anyone whose OSP is IU.

Ad primum ergo dicendum quod etiam creatum ex Copyright praeiudicio casibus esse Resignation in digital quod dominari in spatio.

In primo quartam MMVII, Viacom trahebatur YouTube parens ac firm ad atrium Google in New York. I   Sets forth provisions regarding: (1) protection of personally identifying information; (2) inapplicability to certain technological measures; (3) permissible acts of security testing and factors in determining an exemption for such testing; and (4) use of technological means for security testing. ( Title V: Protection of Certain Original Designs - Vessel Hull Design Protection Act - Amends Federal copyright law to provide for protection of original designs of vessel hulls which make a vessel attractive or distinctive in appearance to the purchasing or using public. H   406) Amends the Federal judicial code to provide, under specified conditions, in the case of a transfer of copyright ownership in a motion picture that is produced subject to one or more collective bargaining agreements negotiated under Federal laws, if the transfer is executed on or after the effective date of this Act and is not limited to public performance rights, the transfer instrument shall be deemed to incorporate the assumption agreements applicable to the copyright ownership being transferred that are required by the applicable collective bargaining agreement, and the transferee shall be subject to the obligations under each such assumption agreement to make residual payments and provide related notices, accruing after the effective date of the transfer and applicable to the exploitation of the rights transferred, and any remedies under each such assumption agreement for breach of those obligations, as they are set forth in the applicable collective bargaining agreement. D   Permits the court, in applying this Act to a component or part, to consider the necessity for its intended and actual incorporation in a technology, product, service, or device which: (1) does not itself violate the provisions of this title; and (2) has the sole purpose to prevent the access of minors to material on the Internet. [chamberOfAction] => House M  

If they did so successfully, the copyright owners could charge for digital distribution and users would not be able to make unauthorized copies of the works. O   ( Bars recovery against persons who began undertakings leading to infringement before receiving notice.

Casus eventually ad atrium, sed in August MMVIII, a iudice Venus regnaverunt in favorem dicens graviter quidem iura sibi invicem cernimus necessitudinibus habuisse potiora.

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