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Russia obtained her first large German colony when Peter the Great annexed the Baltic lands in 1721. The failure of Wiedergeburt and other ethnic German organizations in advancing the goal of political and cultural autonomy for the German-Russians has prompted most ethnically conscious Germans in the USSR to emigrate to Germany. Many families were almost wiped out and few reached the settlement sites intact.

Among the settlers were Altai Mennonites. For example, eight hundred thirty-nine towns are called Aleksandrovka [Алехсандровка???] In 1972, the Germans were allowed to return to the Volga-region, but no mass migration took place. Before using a map, search gazetteers, histories, family records, and other sources to learn all you can about the following: Collections of maps and atlases are available at numerous historical societies, local bookstores and at public and university libraries. But many still came. Not all of this loss, however, can be attributed to deaths due to the deportations and labor army.

This map of Congress Poland 1815-1831 and Poland in 1660 helps illustrate how the borders of East European nations changed frequently during the time Germans settled in territories under the control of Russia. Description Legal. Often Germans in the labor army received little else other than bread. Children of such mixed marriages usually ended up being raised in households more Russian than German. Upon arriving at the border the immigrants had to face a quarantine period and then lived in primitive barracks for weeks or months before the settlement site was ready.
If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Germany to Russia… They emigrated to different regions of the Russian Empire at different times from different German states. Circa 1775, Northwestern America Showing the Territory Ceded by Russia to the United States. I was excited to see a Schwedengebiet colony reported for the first time in this project. Since the oppression in Russia, they then began to look elsewhere for a more stable life. The ethnic Germans of the USSR no longer lived in compact traditional all German rural settlements. The Czar himself and his Minister of Interior, Count Kotchubey, took a very personal interest in the matter. This is the home of the Google maps of the locations of German settlements in the Imperial Russian and Austria-Hungary empires that began in the 1700s and continued into the early 20th century just prior to WWII. German Advance to Stalingrad. The journey by boat and wagon and often on foot, took from two to five months, and often meant wintering on the way. This was the most common form of housing for the labor army. Place-names are changed when transliterated or Germanized. My mom loved the Black Hills. Днепропетровская область (Dnepropetrovskaíà oblast). During the first sixty years the settlers were well treated by the Russian government.
Map showing four states that are marked "in queue". The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Germany and Russia is 5,439 km= 3,380 miles. The locations are based on numerous historical maps, translated to GPS coordinates, with added genealogical and historical information for researchers of kinds.

Note: Bergdorf, Glückstal and Neudorf are located in Moldova; Kassel is located in Ukraine. Physical conditions in the labor army proved to be deadly. I'm looking forward to Montana during huckleberry season, California for the grape harvest, South Dakota for hollyhock dolls, Wisconsin just before the first snow. By 1989, only 48.7% of Germans in the USSR reported German as their native language. Gluckstal/Tiraspol Map - Map of the German-Russian Gluckstal District about 80+ miles northwest of Odessa, South Russia. The NKVD also confined these Germans to special settlements, but they are not counted among those "deported" in the document under scrutiny. The creation myths linking the origins of a particular people to the particular piece of territory they inhabited common among many cultures obviously had no counterparts among the German settlements in the Russian Empire. Different sources use different names for enclaves or groups of colonies that refer to a distinct area of settlement that is different ethnically and culturally from its surroundings. This is a work in progress and a living document. Another survey concluded that only 57% of the Aussiedler from the former USSR spoke fluent German. Help. The woman who worked there. Kiev: MO Ukrainy, 1992. Facilities for the foreign settlers was still far from ready before the end of 1803 when eight transports of more than 200 families, well over 1,000 people led by Ziegler had arrived in Odessa. The German immigrants suffered great hardships. Within the first 30 years, at least 100 ethnic German colonies had been established in the area. Russia. Scale 1:566,000. There were already more than 100,000 Germans in southwestern Siberia and Kazakhstan, as a result of migration during the tsarist period. This leaves 350,000 ethnic Germans missing from the statistics of the special settler count in 1948. Click the map and drag to move the map around. Germans from Russia Settlements Map (all villages), Germans from Russia Settlement Locations in America, Map of the Great Mennonite Trek to Central Asia, Eastern Armenia Churches and Their Records, Germans from Russia Settlements Worldwide, Historic Map of Germans from Russia and Eastern Europe Settlement Locations, Germans from Russia Settlement Locations (all colonies). The peak years of settlement were 1764 through 1774. For example, the town presently known as Proletars’ke, Ukraine [Пролетарськэ???] By 1979, 47.5% of all married ethnic Germans in the USSR had non-German spouses, mostly Russians and Russified Ukrainians. Duc de Richelieu was given the task of buying up suitable agricultural land in the given areas of Odessa region. NDSU Dept #2080 From July 1990 to December 1997, 65,000 Aussiedler (literally "settlers from abroad", the term refers to ethnic Germans from the former USSR and Eastern Europe) took the federal German language test. The figure does not include the approximately 226,000 Germans already living in the Urals, Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Central Asia in 1941. This will help distinguish it from other towns with the same name and help you locate it on the map.

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