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Katopodis: This is a common Greek last name. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services.

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Dimitropoulos: This is from the given name of Dimitrios. What Does Seeing a Dead Person Alive in My Dream Mean? Balaska: This is the feminine form of Balaskas. My surname is Papazoglakis and I am seriously thinking of shortening it as I’ve put up with the comments for long enough! 3. Michalidis: In Greek, this name means son of Michael. Several of these Greek surnames are genitive, i.e., originating from the father’s first name or the family name.


It means ‘wife of Georgios.’ In early modern Greece, a married woman’s surname was usually a combination of her husband’s name and the suffix ‘-aina.’, It is derived from the Greek word ‘chasapi’ that means ‘butcher.’, A Greek annotation of Hajj, which means a ‘person who has completed a pilgrimage.’, Hatzis is a modern version of the Khatzi’s, which in Greek means a ’pilgrim to Jerusalem.’ The surname is related to the Greek surname ‘Hatzi.’, This name originates from the Jordan River’s name in Hebrew. 67. This surname originates from ‘Remigius’ a Greek name prevalent during the medieval period. It means a ‘carter’ or ‘cart driver’ since the Greek root word for the surname is ‘Karo’ (cart). Some common Romany Gypsy last names include Cooper, Smith, Lee, Boswell, Lovell, Doe, Wood, Young and Heron. Panagos. Laskaris: This surname is for a type of soldier. 48. 21.

The Romani people are also known by a variety of other names; in English as gypsies or gipsies (which is normally considered as a slur) and Roma, in Greek as γύφτοι (gíftoi) or τσιγγάνοι (tsiggánoi), in Central and Eastern Europe as Tsingani (and variants), in France as gitans besides the dated bohémiens, manouches, in Italy as zingari and gitani, in Spain as gitanos, and in Portugal as ciganos. Alexandropoulos: In Greek, this means the son of Alexandros.

24. 51. I guess it is harder to have a non british last name in the UK. Masalis: You will often here this name in Cyprus. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Xiphias: This Greek name means swordfish. Mikos: In Greek, this surname is a variation on the name, Nicholas. 89. 84.

It is commonly found in the Australian Greek communities. Scala: In Greek, this name can mean steps, ladder or wharf. Diamandis: This Greek surname means diamonds. Pantazis is a Greek surname which means ‘always live’ or ‘live forever.’ 71. 100.

You get some people who say it’s a wonderful name and others whom you have to listen to whilst they tell you about their wonderful Greek holidays, whilst all you were wanting to do was pay for something at the checkout and continue shopping! In some ways it’s good to have a Greek name because people remember you. This is a Greek surname for someone who has ‘pale blue eyes.’ The surname originates from ‘galanos,’ the Greek word for ‘pale blue’ or ‘azure.’. Pachis means ‘fat’ or ‘thick’ in Greek. 100 Common Greek Last Names and Their Meanings. 10.

When you hear Greek last names, it is pretty easy to tell where someone is from. It means a ‘descendant of Christ’s servant.’, A variation of the name Christophoros, which means one who is ’bearing Christ.’. Louis: This name comes from the first name, Louis. Some prominent individuals with Romany ancestry are Elvis Presley, Bill Clinton, Michael Caine, and the English Romanichels of England & Scotland, the Welsh Kale, the German Sinti, the basque Romani. 95. This Greek last name is derived from ‘kalogeros,’ which means monk. It is derived from the Greek term kalogeros, which means ‘monk’ or ‘friar.’, In Greek, this word means ‘down’ or ‘below.’ This surname refers to ‘the guy who ran away.’, Katsaros is a name given to a person with curly hair in Greek. Nikolaou: This is a Greek name for someone who is the son of Nikolaos. This surname is given to people from Germany. 77. Greek surnames started appearing only in the 15th century. Vasilakis: This Greek surname is made from the first name, Vasilis. 75. Please read our Disclaimer.

Christodoulopoulos: This means a descendant of Christ’s servant. It is derived from the Greek word ‘maniki’ meaning a ‘handle’ or a ‘sleeve.’ It is an occupational name given to people who make handles. Kazan is a reduced form of Kazandis, which means ‘people who make cauldrons.’ It is an occupational surname given to people who make cauldrons or use a cauldron for the distillation of ouzo or raki –  both alcoholic beverages. Doukas: This Greek surname means duke.

Stephanopoulos: This surname is for someone who is the son of Stephan.

34. In Greek, this surname means ‘the son of Adam.’. 30. This is an ancient Greek surname which means ’descendant of a Persian.’. You are a product of all the people that came before you, show some respect and stop complaining about your name. Papadiamantopoulos: This is a Greek name for someone who is a descendant of the diamond priest. 56. Typical Romany surname: common ones include Cooper, Smith, Lee, Boswell, Lovell, Doe, Wood, Young and Heron. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Greek last names also feature distinct suffixes. Loukanis is an occupational surname given to a butcher or a sausage maker. Ganas: This is a Greek name for people who work as a coppersmith. 87. 44. The name means ’lordly’ or ‘masterful.’, This Greek surname means ‘son of Daniel.’  Daniel itself means ‘God is my judge.’. Surnames are not conclusive evidence of Romany heritage, as many of them were also generally common ones, including Young, Taylor, Smith (a …

Martinos: This last name comes from the English surname, Martin. 88. 90. You are lucky to not have your name chopped up into something not what it originally was. It could have been much worse. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "acdf1c62f868cd6dce8337a5eb5d09ed" );document.getElementById("fd0520eebf").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 86.

Karras is thus an occupational Greek last name.

This Greek name means ‘son of Levi.’ Levi means ‘joined’ or ‘attached,’ and the word originates from Hebrew. 18. 70. Other estimates have placed the number of Romani people resident in Greece as high as 350,000. Usually given to actual immigrants from Germany or for people who had business connections with German-speaking lands. 45. Some of the most common Greek surnames you can find are: Papadopoulos (don’t even try to count how many men named Giorgos Papadopoulos exist in Greece), Papadakis, Ioannou, Georgiou, Demetriou and … Nephus: Nephus is such a beautiful name. This is a Greek last name derived from a Turkish word, which means ’coppersmith.’, This Greek surname originated from the greeting ‘Kalimera,’ which means ‘Good morning.’. Pantazis: In Greek, this name means live forever or always live. It means ‘blonde’ or ‘fair-headed.’ This Greek surname has a Turkish origin. 42. 15.

It is related to the name Frangopoulos means ‘descendant of a Frank’ in Greek. This surname is a commonly used one and means ’Angel’ in Greek. Othonos. 68. A Greek surname of unknown origin and most common in the country of Cyprus. 42.


Panagos: This Greek name means all holy. Persopoulos: This surname is said to mean a descendant of a Persian.

The prefix ‘konto’ means ‘short,’ and ‘papa’ means ‘someone who descended from priests.’. BAS(S)TOW (Gypsies Passing Through) BASTIN 1765 (Gypsies Passing Through) BASTIEN 1576-7 (Kent, London, Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex) (See Robert Dawson ARITF) BATCH (Ref Journal of the Romany and Traveller Family History Society) BATCHELOR 1881 (Surrey) (See Robert Dawson ARITF) BATEMAN 1597 (Ref Journal of the Romany …

Adamos: In Greek, this means son of Adam. 65. 93. Pavlides: This is a surname that means son of Pavlos. The surnames or last names in Greece are often indicators of the origin of the individual. This name is derived from Angelos, shortened from Evangelos with the patronymic ending ‘poulos.’. The ‘-iadis’ suffix belongs to people from Messinia or Lakonia while ‘-oudas’ is for people from North Greece (Macedonia). This surname is derived from ‘Petros,’ a Greek version of Peter. 54. Pappas: This name is said to mean priest. It is fascinating to know how Greek ancestry can be identified with the last name of an individual.

Hello, Economos: In Greek, this surname is for someone who manages a property or serves as a steward. It is derived from ‘Chronos’ – ‘time’ or ‘year’ in Greek. 85. Rosi: This is a surname that comes from a feminine first name, Rosa. I’m half Greek, half Scottish and I was born in the UK. These names range from extremely common to more unusual options, so there are plenty of surnames to pick from. Chronis: In Greek, this means the time or year. Georgopoulos: This Greek surname is a variation on the name Georgios. Selinofoto: In Greek, this name means moonlight. By gathering other types of information about a person or a family, it may be possible to confirm that you have Gypsy blood.

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