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Unfortunately, this plan is unsuccessful, as telepathy is revealed worthless against the Worthy. The Superhero Database Classification number, or SHDB Class, is a number that represents the overall 'power' of a character.

After finding supplies and clothes at Xavier’s, the two went to 2973 AD, where they reunited with Earth-616’s X-Force, sent by Cyclops to find and assist them. Her biological mother is Captain Louise Spalding, an Alaskan firefighter, and is the adoptive child to Nathan and Hope Summers, and the adoptive granddaughter to Scott Summers, Madelyn Pryor, and Jean Grey. She ultimately manages to permanently cure Cable of the T-O virus by completely burning it out of his system once and for all. It is part of a three-part story that began with X-Men: Messiah Complex.. During the Messiah War, Hope is kidnapped by Cable's clone Stryfe who's in league with Bishop. Hope Summers has returned to her time, the present, whilst aged of approximatively 16 years. The Phoenix force arrives and, instead of possessing Hope, posses each of the five X-Men present.

and a reference to Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion) before settling on simply "Zero". Together, they defeated the Reavers. Hope remained on Utopia with Cyclops and forced Laurie to stay as well, though Laurie fought for Oya to be sent with Wolverine who departed the island with other mutants. They fight them off but an even larger wave is behind the sphere.

Hope finds out Cyclops is Cable's father. The baby is terrified to leave the womb, and rises all of the unconscious people into a zombie-like state to protect it. Two years later, the baby was now a very strong-willed little girl, often challenging Cable when he gave her directions. Upon jumping into the future, Cable took her to the secluded safe haven of New Liberty in the future, where Cable married a fellow civilian named Hope, who became like a mother to the mutant baby. Hope Summers is the adoptive daughter of Cable and her mother, who is also called Hope died in a war when soldiers came into their house and killed her. While training with Cyclops, Hope manifested the Phoenix Firebird. He requests that the court recognize his hyperinstinctive intelligence the same way it recognizes robotic and alien intelligence. 0.

How Cable’s New Writers Are Delving into His Past (and Future), 10 Reasons Not to Mess with the Scarlet Witch, Goldballs, Kevin MacTaggert, AKA Proteus, Eva Bell, AKA Tempus. The war to save Reality starts now. I want it to come. Power Mimicry. Hope attended the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning but secretly searched for her adoptive father, Cable, despite receiving a letter from him that advised against it.

MeMe had electro-magnetic transference abilities so Hope mimicked her powers and impersonated her unknown to the team. Durability. Upon arriving at the X-Mansion in 1990 and finally acknowledging the father-daughter bond they shared, Cable and Hope jumped to the present era. Hope Summers is a omega level mutant born with the powers of Empathic Power Mimicry. However, she generates power levels that are potentially dangerous to people and the environment around her. A Sixth Light is located in Germany, and Hope and the Lights hurry to get there with their new liaison Shadowcat, where the German Authorities have cordoned off a hospital. Though the Avengers arrived and demanded to take Hope into custody. Lured into position by Cable, “Little Girl” pressed the button that set off explosives that killed the cockroach army, her first act of war. Hope tried to accept the Phoenix back into her, but Cyclops refused.

Shortly after that, a super Sentinel attacked, nearly destroying the island, and these events created a schism between the X-Men, particularly Wolverine and Cyclops.

Hope's mutant powers are not fully under control and generates power levels that are potentially dangerous to people and environments around her.

Every Super Power has a score (SPS) that is used to calculate the Class. An army of Nimrods come from the future and attack the team. When one of the Lights committed suicide over being bullied, Kenji tried to exact revenge but Logan/James Howlett, AKA Wolverine stopped him.

Hope joins the Avengers on the attack on Utopia. The level is set when connecting that Super Power to a character. As the Phoenix comes nearer to Earth, Hope has been able to feel its presence and exhibit the following powers: It is also notable that after Hope's initial detection at birth, Cerebra blew up. Cable then told Cyclops that Hope was the Phoenix. The limits of her power have yet to be reached or determined.

Nemesis and Reed Richards rejoice that Summers managed to keep everyone alive, while, in Utopia, every mutant just stares at Hope, levitating, like a true Phoenix. Having learned about a previous Phoenix host who was also trained to become the Iron Fist of her era, Hope visits Yu-Ti, but Yu-Ti is unable to help her directly, instead instructing her to learn from Spider-Man based on a vision he had.

Wanda helped Hope understand her purpose, and together they undid Wanda’s original spell that reduced the mutant race. Besides her own birth, these are the first new manifestations of mutant powers]since M-Day. Teon rushes to retrieve them both, but seems somehow unaffected.

Cable sacrificed himself to his techno-organic virus infection to briefly maintain the time portal for X-Force’s return, apparently dying when it closed. Before Cable can fire a round into Red Hulk's head, he hears a voice screaming "No". That's what Hope is. Get the latest news, original content, and special offers from Marvel. The limits of her power have yet to be reached or determined. Cyclops accepts this agreement, telling Hope that he isn't a jailor and that she and the Lights are welcome to come and go however they like. X-Force and Cable struck an uneasy alliance with the eternal despot Apocalypse and a centuries-old Deadpool-80521. Fleeing New Liberty, Cable learned the world outside of New Liberty had been devastated by Bishop’s weapons of mass destruction, who was now desperate to narrow the area where Cable and the child could flee. She cannot mimic mutates or any other superhumans.

Emma, in a trance like state, takes her pillow and heads towards Hope, about to smother her to death. The powers Hope has demonstrated so far include: Hope has demonstrated a flaming energy aura like the Phoenix raptor several times, even as early as five months old. Kenji pulls down the Blackbird carrying Rogue, Hope and the rest of the Lights. That's what Hope is. It turns out to be telepathic message. The baby is kidnapped later by the Marauders and delivered to Mister Sinister, actually Mystique in disguise. Hope yells at Zeeshan's friends before returning to Utopia. That's not my story. Cable trains Hope in CPR, combat first aid, warfare strategy, survival tactics, and the use of a wide array of bladed and ballistic weaponry, hand-to-hand combat, and some gymnastics.

However, she is subsequently rescued by the Avengers and the Scarlet Witch, who take her away to safety, with Iron Fist suggesting that she hide in the city of K'unn-Lunn.

But the bigger the difference in Class is, the more obvious it is who'll win in a fight. About; History; Powers; Equipment; Movies; Gallery; Battles; Comments; Power Stats; SHDb; uStats; v1; Intelligence. He turns around and grabs Hope and a large explosion follows. She is perturbed by the prospect of an oncoming attack and muses that such situations always end with dead mutants because people are always afraid of them. I'm ready. Hoping to cure her comatose foster daughter, the X-Man Anna Marie, AKA Rogue, whose touch had become lethal, Mystique presses the baby against Rogue. How do you reassemble the Avengers? They fought a desperate war against Bishop and Cable’s clone, the dictator Stryfe, ultimately defeating them. Greatly saddened, Zeeshan takes a steak knife into the bathroom to kill himself. She learns how to use her powers and eventually joins several mutant-protecting groups, including the X-Men and X-Force. But Bastion has other plans as he and William Stryker's Purifiers ambush the two warriors in the night. All of the Lights feel this, and Transonic jumps out of the plane to get to Zeeshan quicker; it's too late, however, as Zeeshan is already dead.

Stealing technology from Bishop’s bionic arm, Cable repaired his time travel device and leapt into the past.

The group (sans Idie, who has stayed outside with Shadowcat) enters the hospital, and finds hundreds of people unconscious on the floor.

she allows herself to be possessed by the Phoenix. 0. This causes Hope to chastise Transonic for losing her head during the battle and leaving Oya in that position, but Transonic explains that she is not a soldier except when Hope is around to influence her. After Hope finally reached the X-Men’s artificial island sanctuary, Utopia, Bastion entrapped them with his impenetrable energy dome. 0.

Cable’s partner and wife Hope Summers of Earth-80521 raises the baby with him up until her death, marking the moment Cable names the baby Hope Summers in honor of her foster mother. Back at her quarters, Hope gets a letter from Henry McCoy, telling her that while most of the people on Utopia are good, they will still try and craft her in their image, and that her best course of action would be to leave.

The Phoenix Five returned to Earth with Hope to remake the world. When her mutant powers manifest, she can imitate the powers of any mutant or super human around her. Hope nearly loses herself to her power when Wanda reminds her of who she is. Hope intervenes by saying she is grown and can make her own decisions. However, Bishop survived as a prisoner of the surviving Brood. Despite initially resisting him, Hope eventually befriended him, then fell in love with him. After stealing a ship, she strikes a deal with Wolverine. Though unlike other mutants, her mutant gene is detectable at birth, making her a highly sought-after target by many groups with good but mostly ill intentions. Hope, however, remains confident that they will keep Teon because it's his choice to stay, and instead focuses on getting code names for the Lights. Hope manages to help him gather control of his abilities however it is also revealed that his powers made him age slightly. Energy AbsorptionEnergy BlastsNatural ArmorPower AbsorptionTelekinesisTelepathyVision - Heat. To his surprise it's Hope and Cyclops who were brought by Blaquesmith to stop him.

In that moment, Cable decides to name her Hope Summers, in honor of her adoptive mother. Hope later joined him alongside X-Force to fight against Stryfe and Bastion though X-Force disbanded after the battle. Introducing herself, she also agrees to follow Hope.

Revered on Krakoa, they became known as The Five. It's like -- someone made a voodoo doll for the whole mutant race.

When Hope met Kenji, she experienced exhaustion after mimicking his powers but stabilized them and personality as well. She rejoined the X-Men when the Brotherhood of Mutants posed a threat to them all. After the events of Second Coming, five new mutants are detected by Cerebro, Hope is then tasked with the mission to find and help these "Five Lights".

Fear the Mad Titan; he'll get you in a snap. In order to save Cyclops. After Teon’s issue of guardianship went to a trail, Kenji and Laurie talked about how all the Lights were drawn to Hope but didn’t understand it fully.

Hope's ability to mimic superpowers is limited to mutant powers.

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