lin beifong

As Korra used her waterbending to prevent the mecha suit from crushing them, Lin managed to dive inside the hole together with Suyin, Bolin, Mako, and Korra.[32]. She apologized to Opal for her behavior, explaining she was not comfortable speaking about personal matters. The group reunited in a forest away from the temple with Kai having helped saved Mako, Bolin, Asami, and Tenzin; Lin asked how they made it out alive, to which Mako told them about Bolin's newfound lavabending abilities and Kai's rescue. After tearing up the net launched by one of the airships, Lin made the difficult decision to attack the aircraft, telling Tenzin not to turn back, no matter what happened to her. Mako admitted he had hired the Triple Threats for a sting operation, but Lin informed the young firebender that the information she had been given by the gangsters suggested he had assisted them in stealing from the Future Industries warehouse. En route to the factory, Lin specified to Bolin that her mother's mention of a "little while now, couple years" since she had seen Lin was in fact twenty years. Daughter of Toph Beifong and everyone's hero. amazing and good. When Korra declared that she was not leaving without freeing Ba Sing Se's airbenders, however, Lin decided to join the mission. Hobby Lin never met her biological father and would often question Toph about him but never got any legitimate response over the matter. Od tej pory, Lin miała żal do Tenzina, jednocześnie także do całej jego rodziny i Avatara. However, she came up short, and Lin used one of her metal cables to successfully boost Korra up to the ceiling. Toph and Bolin catapulted Lin atop the cell, where she fashioned a blade out of her armor and cut a hole in the wood through which the prisoners could escape. When Tenzin arrived, Lin begrudgingly agreed to drop the charges against Korra, though made it clear that she wanted the Avatar "out of [her] city". She came across a boy crying in an alleyway, the two began to go a bond that day.

In an ensuing battle pitting Lin, Korra, Tenzin and members of the police force against the terrorist organization, a number of police officers were captured by the Equalists.

Eventually things came to a head when Suyin was actually used as a get-away driver while Lin was assigned to stop the same robbery. @anthp2000: Little boy takes offense to being called ignorant...? In response to a flood of questions about the identity of Lin's father. Aang: It really was nice of Zuko to take all of the kids to Ember Island for the week.

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