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See the details. Many people who are thinking about moving to Spain first look at both Barcelona and Madrid. Find information on the accessibility services, resources and grants available in Barcelona, Barcelona with pets: information, resources and advice, You’ll find a market very nearby: Step in and try all it has to offer, Assistance for victims of gender violence, Resource guide for people with disabilities. Programme aimed at reducing inequalities between Barcelona neighbourhoods, backing access to income, services, urban quality and welfare. Find out all about it!

She’s bold and fragile, loud and pensive, impulsive and future-thinking – all at the same time. Psychological support service for teenagers and young people between the ages of 12 and 22, also offering advice for professionals on mental health matters. ALWAYS keep an eye on your belongings, no matter where you are in this city. You’ll also be able to find high-quality restaurants that fit almost any budget.

Barcelona is a melting pot of people with a variety of sexual and gender orientations, cultures, languages and traditions. And now we want, more than ever, to enjoy and experience it with respect. I met Mayya recently when she was visiting Valencia, and I am very happy she is sharing her experiences about moving to and living in Barcelona with us. (CC-BY-2.0), When one person believes the policies and politicians supported by another person are inherently evil or immoral, it’s difficult to maintain a friendship.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world and all walks of life. Barcelona has got an extensive network of municipal markets offering fresh local produce. To keep it that way, proper nutrition is an absolute must. I also really like the attitude of the elderly in this city. Starting your own business is an uphill battle, but turning your passion project into a social enterprise with an international presence is just a completely vertical inclination. Guiding you through the transition to life in Barcelona with our expert knowledge on relocation, work, lifestyle and much more. I call her a she because she feels like a she. Sometimes you get a feel for a city’s personality and Barcelona is very feminine in lots of ways. This sensation, I later came to understand, was the closest I’d felt to being at home somewhere. In 1992, Barcelona gained international recognition by hosting the Olympic games. They are a feisty bunch with the closeness that a loving grandparent would show you – even if you’re a simple stranger asking for directions. Read more, A recent study found that, regardless of weight, people who carry more fat around their abdomen had a higher risk of dying sooner.

But few of us think much about what comes after—in other words, when we die. The collection of healthcare data often involves patients and organizations across geographical lines.

The Barcelona Neighbourhood Plan is launching “Concilia”, a new babysitting service to help with balancing work, family and personal life in low-income areas. There is a very active Barcelona Expat group that gives newcomers some useful tips and advice.

All you need to know about managing waste and helping to make the city more sustainable. I’m a public health nutritionist turned sustainable food entrepreneur with a dangerous habit of asking ‘Why?’ of pretty much everything. Read more, Avgda. Currently I myself am enjoying life in Valencia, and I am therefore even more interested in seeing what expat life in neighboring Barcelona is like. Even in the weird positions where one chair is by itself and the other two are facing each other or even three or four huddled in a circle. The pickpockets are professionals here so your only antidote is really to never let your guard down. Now that we are free to go out—travel, go back to work, visit our relatives—it has become even more important to get tested for SARS-CoV-2 so we can go out into this “new normal” in the safest way possible. Barcelona is also popular among international students. Also, a good vermut with a side of boquerones (pickled fresh anchovies) are a match made in heaven, to be enjoyed in the sun on a terrace for full effect.”. I also used to go to Meet Ups and met some interesting people through there. Age: 30 “She’s a seductress of a city with something for everyone! “Ah, trick question! Shopping main index page. To ensure women, children and teenagers are attended to during the health crisis and  the return to normality the City Council is boosting the services offered to gender violence victims and publishing some guides on prevention and self-protection. Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter protestors clash in Springfield, Oregon. Completely, totally and without a doubt. Check out EU Business School for anything from summer school to a high quality MBA program. Mayya is a Public Health Nutritionist, food writer & everyday sustainable food advocate with professional culinary training. Check out the on-site and virtual agenda! But few of us think much about what comes after—in other words, when we die.

Read more, Historically, there have been significant differences between the financial obligations of freelancers and employees versus those of shareholders and company administrators, but recent changes provide new access to subsidies for the latter. Find out about the resources and tools available for people with functional diversity in education, housing, jobs, transport, care and aid services, care and financial-aid services, leisure and plenty more. The Resource Guide features useful procedures, aid and benefits for people with disabilities who reside in the city. While they surely feel time taking its toll on their bodies, it in no way quietens their spirit! This impresses me for such a ‘small’ city (when compared to London or New York). You’ll be living in one of the great capitals of Mediterranean cuisine. It has a rich history, having been under Roman, then Frank law before declaring its independence. Tip: a great way to explore all the highlights of Barcelona is by taking Barcelona’s hop-on hop-off bus. “The longer I live in Barcelona, the longer this list grows – hehe! Hence, each organization’s data management rules need to carefully consider overall general global standards and country-specific guidelines. This month, Gabriella Lovas interviews two participants in the PWN's mentorship program to get their take on how the experience challenged them. A social innovation project that aims to strengthen social relations and put an end to elderly people’s unwanted solitude, using new technologies. Home town: Complicated question, but in terms of time spent in one place, it simplifies to Athens, Greece. I decided to broaden my educational background with this master in interaction design management at IED Barcelona. “Walks at random hours during the night in the warmer months to let Barcelona show you sides of her you’ve never really seen or paid proper attention to. For visitors, this has translated into the very modern, yet incredibly old city you see now, where the new elements work to both preserve and celebrate the ancient. Completely, totally and without a doubt. This has been quite a helpful read, as I’m about to start living in Barcelona in a couple of months. During the week most restaurants offer a …

Owner of marketing company A to Z Marketing. “With a healthy mix of Palestinian-Lebanese-Greek blood running through my veins and having lived a little bit all over the world, I’m your classic TCK (Third Culture Kid – Google it!). Photo courtesy of PWN Barcelona. Fast-forward to countless ‘Why?’s later and I found myself moving to Barcelona based on a gut feeling. The publicly owned electricity distributor Barcelona Energia is to start offering its services to citizens in January 2019 and will supply a maximum of 20,000 homes. Find out what services are available to help you get around the city and discover how mobility is changing in Barcelona and becoming healthier, safer, more sustainable and better-connected. Permanent restrictions on the circulation of vehicles which pollute the most are due to come into force in the low emissions zone from 1 January 2020. Read more, Along with social distancing measures and effective vaccines, a healthy immune system is our best defense against coronavirus infection. Historically, there have been significant differences between the financial obligations of freelancers and employees versus those of shareholders and company administrators, but recent changes provide new access to subsidies for the latter. Name: Mayya Papaya It is a fantastic city to explore on foot but it also has an extensive and reliable Metro system. Needless to say, I was hooked and spent the rest of my undergraduate days plotting my big move to Barcelona to see where this feeling would take me next.”. I spend most of my time living and working abroad and use this website to share "the good, the bad and the ugly" of traveling and living abroad. The Catalans are good people and when you befriend them, it’s for life.”. Image courtesy of Turó Park Dental & Medical Center. This blog about expat life in Barcelona contains an affiliate link. Barcelona Cuida, a pioneering centre by Barcelona City Council, offers information and advice on all things care-related, providing support and helping carers and cared-for.

Created by, Moving to Spain as an American: What I Wish I Knew, Where to Live in Valencia: The Most Popular Neighborhoods, hot air balloon ride just outside of Barcelona, Interview about moving to and living in Alicante, Interview with an expat about moving to and living in Granada, An expat interview about living in Moraira, on Spain’s Costa Blanca, this master in interaction design management at IED Barcelona.

Barcelona is a melting pot of people with a variety of sexual and gender orientations, cultures, languages and traditions. Newly residents will find welcome and support services that help them to integrate into city life. Tip: If are looking for something unique to do in Barcelona, check out hot air ballooning! Barcelona is declaring a climate emergency and speeding up a series of changes that commit all the city’s players. Consult the preventive measures against COVID-19 planned for the 2020-2021 school year and the municipal spaces put at the disposal of schools for the back-to-school period. Consult in this website all the information on the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis in Barcelona: new normality, socio-economic and emotional support measures from the City Council and much more. Barcelona is full of what European cities are known for – outdoor markets, restaurants, shops, museums, and churches. You’ll have such a hard time finding a place to rent and space to breathe with the city’s patron saint’s (La Mercè) celebrations happening all over town. “Don’t move here in September! And the community is pretty diverse which, in my books, is a very good thing! It’s as though they have set up the space to let your mind wander both on your own or with company, setting the stage for great conversations to take place.”. I never give away my gems unless I know you and take you there myself. “Google Maps was the most useful thing I used when I first moved here. Passeig de Gràcia shopping map.

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