love is like a butterfly meaning

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. I am American Indian and have recently started learning our culture. (I'm putting a link to this in my butterfly hub.). Voted up, useful, beautiful, and interesting. :) Thanks for stopping by. Kaili Bisson from Canada on May 14, 2012: Hi Denise, Your butterfly story is beautiful. Perhaps this is a time where you were experiencing a shift in your growth or maturity...or the maturity of your spiritual beliefs.

We have recently adopted three kittens, now six months old, and they are very special to us. It was released on September 16, 1974, by RCA Victor. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. (the one quoted "We're with Mira and Jeff, baby") It's actually "We're with Mira and baby Jeff" because that's what she called to one of her wavemates. Butterfly symbolism exemplifies the Divinely Exotic and Feminine Energies I couldn't believe it! Insomnia. I know, destiny played between both of us in a span of one month. Nice hub you are created with awesome pictures...... Denise Handlon (author) from North Carolina on July 15, 2012: Maheshpatwal-I'm so glad that you found this butterfly hub useful and interesting. Butterflies are a wonderful reminder to live in the moment.

I love butterflies and they seem to show up in my life throughout my day, no matter what the season. It’s usually also clammy palms, a racing heart and an inability to focus on anything but the apple of your eye. Denise Handlon (author) from North Carolina on June 25, 2012: Christin-I'll be sure to ask her about it. MY HUSBAND AND I ARE ABOUT TO MOVE SOMETIME NEXT MONTH AND I'M WORRIED IF WE ARE GOING TO HAVE ENOUGH ROOM FOR IT ALL.

Family and friends stopped by to console her, but she was wrought with grief. Be he was moved from the house there was a butterfly in his bedroom, then at the church there was a butterfly flying above his coffin and over his mother, father and brother everyone noticed it. I texted her due to her friend doesn't have credit for her phone but due to insomnia, I send a text which turned out to be a typo. Last summer my nephew got kill my husband and i and a friend was sitting on the porch and a black and red and yellow and white spoted butterfly came beside me and the butterfly tryed to sat on my lap and i got scare and i have been trying to find out what it meant oh yeah and i got up and went beside my husband and the butterfly follow me and when i stop and turn around the butterfly was right in my face so the friend talk me to ask the butterfly what was it trying to tell me if anybody had the same experience please let me know or if u know the meaning let me know Thank You. I like your pictures . I'll be sure to visit your page. Denise Handlon (author) from North Carolina on December 23, 2012: Kim, thank you so much for sharing your story with me. "Love Is Like a Butterfly" was her overall fourth number one on the country chart as a solo artist (and her third consecutive number one). However after reading this Perhaps it is the meaning of rebirth and renewal maybe I should try whispering to it to see if my wish comes to. With the rose the butterfly's deep in love, A thousand times hovering round; But round himself, all tender like gold, The sun's sweet ray is hovering found.

They are cool-and colorful, too. :). “Shy people have low serotonin which causes the norepinephrine to go up even higher, producing the high anxiety associated with meeting a new person, especially if they are attracted to them,” adds Carroll. mochirajackson from Liverpool, United Kingdom on June 04, 2014: What a beautiful hub. Give contextual explanation and translation from your sites ! a truly spiritual experience it was for me. Thank you. Some believe that the Fancy Shawl Dance, as exhibited in ceremonial powwows, was derived from an earlier butterfly dance. We went to a butterfly exhibit once that was spell bounding. 8/29/2017 a giant swallowtail landed flew into my room I thought it was a bat it was so big and black and landed on my curtain near me at 10 at night I thought because it was black and might have been a bad omen had just gotten bad news earlier today that I would have 30 day notice and have to move from my home a few days ago my father-in-law had a stroke. a lot of thanks for information about this species... Denise Handlon (author) from North Carolina on March 12, 2014: Hello kerlund74 Thank you for reading this and I'm glad you enjoyed the butterfly information and photos. As I have grown older, I have become more and more aware of butterflies, for their natural beauty and their symbolism. A totem is a natural object, animal or insect, that has special meaning to that person. A Monarch Butterfly is mostly a deep Orange Color with Black vein-like markings, as well as a Black outline along the outer edge of each wing. I'm glad you found it interesting. This is a beautiful Hub, I voted it UP, and will certainly share.

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