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Mies Julie has set a benchmark of excellence and visceral relevance. In his preface to the play, Strindberg describes his heroine, Miss Julie, as a woman with a "weak and degenerate brain."
This explosive new version tackles the deeper complexities of South African society head on, creating a newly menacing, torridly passionate, urgently relevant allegory for a post-apartheid state in profound transition. Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Plot Summary of “Miss Julie” by August Strindberg. This study guide for August Strindberg's Miss Julie offers summary and analysis on themes, symbols, and other literary devices found in the text. Veenen Plaas (“Weeping Farm”) is the fictitious homestead on which this story is told. This Strindberg play hasn't just been updated, it's been immortalised. Miss Julie was written in 1888 by August Strindberg.

A scintillating treat, a primal scream of a reworking of the Strindberg staple. Tim Cornwell, THE SCOTSMAN | Read more... Mies Julie is the jewel of Assembly's glittering South African Season this year. 5 Mar. The land of these farmsteads continues to be worked by the descendants of the original dispossessed, and owned by the inheritors from those who first claimed these plains as their own.

Yael Farber's radically remade, sell-out version of the play makes it teem with new and terrifying life. MORE INFO ↓ MIES JULIE Adapted from August Strindberg’s Miss Julie Written & Directed by Yaël Farber. SparkNotes LLC. It's impossible to tear your eyes away. Publications and books about Christian Divine Feminine and Pilgrimage; The Divine Feminine: Recovering the Feminine Face of God Throughout the World - …

THE DEGENERATE WOMAN. According to Jean, Julie, like her late mother, acts in some ways like an aristocrat and in others like a commoner.

The Karoo is a semi-desert region in South Africa of bleak and deeply affecting beauty.

Magnificent. Brilliant.

Paul Taylor, THE INDEPENDENT | Read more... An emotionally shattering evening that blows the dust off Strindberg's theatrical shocker.

Alice Jones, THE INDEPENDENT | Read more... A devastating reinvention. Kristine remarks that Julie has always been crazy but has gotten worse since breaking off her engagement with her fiance.

He further says that she is wild as her engagement is broken because of her indecent treatment to her fiancé. Stunning performances - their achievement is one of breathtaking control and prowess. Frank Scheck, NEW YORK POST | Read more... CURTAIN RAISERS: DISPENSING WITH SYMBOLISM, It would be difficult to overstate the intensity of Mies Julie.

We hope its truths might speak to you not only of South Africa’s complexity – but the unaddressed ghosts of any nation waiting to be acknowledged. Farber has concocted an electric piece of theatre. MIES JULIE is a text and theatre experience committed to articulating the fears, desires, resentments and possibilities of a country haunted by its past.

27 of 1913 and The Immorality Act No.

An unforgettable play for today.

The violence and desire between mistress and servant has never been more furious, steaming or convincing. John Nathan, THE JEWISH CHRONICLE | Read more... Miss Julie has never raged quite so fiercely as she does in this searing and fearless new version by Yael Farber, which reinvents Strindberg's play and transposes it to modern South Africa. Jean says she is crazy, dancing with the servants at a Midsummer's Eve celebration when she should be visiting relatives with her father.

Helpful and Interesting Links. This high-energy, darkly passionate take on Strindberg's 'Miss Julie' sets hearts racing. Believe the hype. Music: Kulvip (Daniel & Matthew Pencer with Joseph Thibodeau). She's also drawn to Jean, a footman who has traveled, speaks well, and doesn't kowtow. Both intimate and epic, 90 minutes of constantly mounting tension, generated by eerie sounds, atmospheric lighting and ferocious performances - Bongile Mantsai as John every bit as much as Hilda Cronjé as Julie.

The Guardian named it amongst top 5 productions in London  2012 and the New York Times’ Ben Brantley named it amongst top 10 of 2012 in New York.

He is engaged to Christine, a servant, and while she sleeps, Jean and Miss Julie talk through the night in the kitchen. 5 of 1927, Based on the play Miss Julie by August Strindberg, Presented by The Baxter Theatre Centre at the University of Cape Town, Tandiwe Nofirst Lungisa as Ancestor / Singer / Musician, Music performed by: Brydon Bolton and Mark Fransman. This Study Guide consists of approximately 50 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Miss Julie. The result was an evening so hot, so sexually charged, physically violent and with so much at stake that it often felt as if the stage would blister. Thanks to them and their playwright-director Yael Farber, Strindberg's incendiary drama is more fiery than ever. And how do we ever address what is now so entrenched in our fragile economy? A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis … Cronje is simply astonishing. Having spent interminable months there each summer as a child, it’s a landscape that is seared into my soul.


Since being the undisputed hit in its debut at the 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe – MIES JULIE has taken the theatrical world by storm.

everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Miss Julie. The performances from Hilda Cronje and Bongile Mantsai are electrifying. SparkNotes Editors. As the fatally attracted, class-divided lovers, Hilda Cronje and Bongile Mantsai delivered the year's most erotically lacerating performances.

Miss Julie, one of the first major exercises in naturalism and the naturalist character, becomes a case study of a woman who is supposedly, as Jean says, "sick." In a contemporary reworking of August Strindberg’s classic Miss Julie, Yaël Farber has transposed this 1888 parable of class and gender to a remote, bleak farm in modern day South Africa’s Cape Karoo semi-desert. Strindberg's play wasn't just dusted down - it had a fire lit under it.

Hilda Cronjé and Bongile Mantsai are both outstanding. n.d..

It's a pitch-perfect repositioning of the action from adaptor/director Yael Farber. Miss Julie opens with Jean, a valet, and Kristine, a cook, in the kitchen of the Count, their master. Charles Spencer, THE DAILY TELEGRAPH | Read more... An extraordinary production. The temperature never stops rising in Yael Farber's Mies Julie, a play for which "scorcher" is way too mild a description.

It is a landscape that struck me as the potent pressure-cooker within which to articulate what lives beneath our country. Miss Julie, the inexperienced but imperious daughter of the manor, deigns to dance at the servant's party.

Over a single night, a young woman and her father ‘s servant, strip away the layers that protected and kept them from each other until now. Against the pulsating, poignant backdrop of the annual Freedom Day celebrations, Xhosa farm labourer John and Mies Julie, the daughter of his white Afrikaans master, embark on a ruinous night, fuelled by drink, heat, generation-deep resentments and earthy, brutal, primal passion. Many of the farmsteads in the Karoo today, still bear such poetically desolate original Old Dutch names.

This Study Guide consists of approximately 50 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - Yael Farber brought a contemporary visceral urgency to a classic. Mies Julie is gut-wrenchingly powerful'.

The two begin to talk about Miss Julie, the Count's daughter. Crackling sexual tension. In the sweltering heat of the kitchen, pots bubble threateningly, a fan spins ineffectually, a tree grows through the worn tiles – and the sexual tension builds dangerously. It is set in Sweden and addresses the political and social upheavals of that country in the nineteenth century.

Jean reveals that he once saw Julie "training" her fiance as one would train a dog, making him jump over her riding crop and hitting him with it after each jump until he finally took the riding crop from her, struck her with it, and broke it into pieces. A sensational new version. Most interesting, perhaps, is how we come to terms with what has formed our cultural identities and how they are inextricably bound in this red soil. Lyn Gardner, THE GUARDIAN THEATRE BLOG | Read more... A blistering adaptation. Themes, Motifs, and Symbols.

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