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USMCA, as leader McCarthy and I pointed out in "The Wall Street Journal" today, is something we can agree on, something we ought to do. And how are you gauging, given all of the threats, particularly digital, that the United States faces, whether we are secure enough in our election? MITCH MCCONNELL: Yeah. House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D., S.C.) confirmed on CNN that he would be willing to retain the articles in the House, although he did not know if Pelosi was planning to do so. @FBI @CIA, Notably absent, Mitch McConnell.

And laughed. He’s a living disaster. #MitchMcConell Is LAUGHING-Only problem with this is that there is NOTHING to laugh about... at all. CARL QUINTANILLA: The stock market would argue that infrastructure is not far behind and we've had multiple years of hope that something like that could also be attained. Somebody ask the Democrat to ask Amy Coney Barrett if there's any morality in getting a job that was stolen from a black woman by Mitch McConnell. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have suggested they will delay sending the articles to the Senate in a bid to influence the parameters of the upcoming impeachment trial. World Today show you the trends subjects in your country or trends in any country around the world Three very significant deals so when you have divided government, you need to look for things you can agree on and do those. The following is the unofficial transcript of a CNBC EXCLUSIVE interview with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on CNBC's "Squawk Alley" (M-F 11AM – 12PM) today, Monday, September 30th. In, @joniernst Joni Ernst repeatedly voted for Mitch McConnell’s craven attempts to take healthcare away from thousands of Iowans. But we will do a transportation bill. I just wanna talk "It’s ridiculous," Cooksey said.

@JoeNBC The founders envisioned trump and a way to mitigate him. MITCH MCCONNELL: Well, look, during the Obama years I made three major deals on taxes with Joe Biden. How were they able to get Russian money funneled into the RNC? Brennan: there was a report last week from "The Washington Post" that you were the person that urged the White House to release the transcript of the call between President Trump And the Ukranian President. The Police Reform bill, and the Reparations bills all on McConnells Desk as we speak.

@jacobs_recheal @gtconway3d @realDonaldTrump McConnell is no better than a war criminal, AFAIC. Right now, they have a thin record of making something become law the way you make law, it has to pass the House, Senate, be signed by the President.

USMCA ought to be right at the top of the list, it is good for the American people. “Moments like this are why the United States Senate exists.”. $5, $10, $20 TO DITCH MITCH.

And there are national security concerns here that we have to balance with our commercial interests.

Piece by piece, our civilization is beginning to disassemble. Mitch McConnell already has. It probably won't be as bold as the president was talking about, because it would inevitably, if it were that bold, involve a whopping gasoline tax increase which is very regressive, it hits medium and low-income people very hard. What I am in favor of, and have consistently been in favor of, is giving states enough money to do the job. Any foreign country that messes with us will have a serious problem in return. Is that actually the case, and if so, do you feel that was the right move?

Two Democrats joined Republicans in voting against both articles, and there were no Republican defectors.

Funding…. The Netherlands is about to expand its euthanasia law to allow children ages 1–12 to be killed by doctors. OH COME ON @ElieNYC Mitch McConnell is the leader of the Senate, and Donald Trump is the POTUS.

Now's the time for Democrats to follow their play book and do their own packing. But these national security implications are important. That's not the kind of thing seems to me we ought to be slow walking or refusing to take up.

"That would make him the top Republican (and) Biden would be the ideal Democratic president for him to do some legacy-salvaging last-term deals with.

(Aug. 20), president expressed frustration with McConnell, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. "Sen. McConnell is submitting taped remarks, and there was a miscommunication," a McConnell campaign source, who asked for anonymity in order to speak freely, told USA TODAY.

Amazing, bordering on demonic.... Glad @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell is getting his jollies while others are sick or holding socially-distanced funerals. Donate to Theresa @GreenfieldIowa today to defeat Joni and send her home! They never envisioned Mitch McConnell. ‘He’s laughing at Kentucky’: Mitch McConnell’s opponent tears into his disregard for COVID devastation | Raw Story via rawstory. There is no question about it. #VoteAmyMcGrathToSaveKY, Interesting article Jennifer DaubleCNBCt: 201.735.4721m: 201.615.2787e:, Emma Martin CNBCt: 201.735.4713m: 551.275.6221e: But he can’t completely cut the cord with Trump...yet.". I believe Mitch McConnell has done more to harm our nation than any other single human over the last 15 years. Yet I do see people saying things that assume his position will be voted on in this election. #MitchMcConnell #STIMULUSPACKAGE #unemploymentbenefits #ElectionTwitter, Washington Post Columnist: Mitch McConnell "Is Laughing at Our Nation's Suffering", Mitch and the make a clean breasts - band name for @SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell #make a clean breast, ‘He’s laughing at Kentucky’: Mitch McConnell’s opponent tears into his disregard for COVID devastation, Internet Digs Up Video of Mitch McConnell Laughing About Blocking Obama ... via @YouTube, ‘He’s laughing at Kentucky’: Mitch McConnell’s opponent tears into his disregard for COVID devastation MITCH MCCONNELL: No. MORGAN BRENNAN: Senator, I want to go back to the rules around impeachment, if this is something that does come up in the Senate there's been speculation that you might seek to change the rules, have those practices changed. SHAME on your Mitch and shame on you Kentucky if you vote for him again. The following is a link to video of the interview on, Hey Lev, do you know MORGAN BRENNAN: That said, Senator, what does happen in the Senate if the House gets through with the inquiry, and decides they are going to impeach President Trump?

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Vote. MITCH MCCONNELL: Well, we are concerned about Huawei. ! That's not designed to make law. Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell and the Republicans ?Why is Cube ignoring that Republicans has blocked Criminal Justice Reform, Gutted the Voters Act. In the fight for justice, moderation is a virtue, Camden’s Success Was Achieved by De-Unionizing, Not Defunding. Reporter Phillip M. Bailey can be reached at @thejuliacarter I’m appalled but not stunned. ‘He’s laughing at Kentucky’: Mitch McConnell’s opponent tears into his disregard for COVID devastation -, Stop Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham’s Senate coronavirus coverup (petition via @MarkedByCOVID) Viktor Medvedchuk? @MarshaBlackburn The left is talking about economic relief and stimulus checks and UBI plus unemployment assistance, and how Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell need to stop playing politics with millions of lives. I’m sure my turtle I’ve had since my 8 year old birthday mad at Mitch McConnell, Watch "Mitch McConnell Gets Clobbered In Debate" on YouTube, This is during the debate for Kentucky Senate seat.
And they've made it clear, today's democratic party is on the far left of virtually every issue. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will speak on the Senate floor on Thursday morning to slam the impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Data is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. But there has been an effort in the Senate to increase oversight of both Chinese and other foreign companies that list here in the U.S. Do you support such legislation, and I guess, how does it speak in general to how lawmakers in the Senate are thinking about china in the future? So you my dear, can go pack sand. And I don't see much of that happening right now so I know the House has been on this impeachment addiction since the day the President was sworn in, but I hope they can turn their attention to something else. JON FORTT: Senator, I want to go back to trade for a moment there's been this trade war going on with china in particular you talked about the importance of USMCA to jobs are you feeling comfortable with the way the president is pursuing this policy with China and the American farmer's ability to buck up under that? Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Sen. #CoronavirusPandemic#AmericanMurder . @RBReich I don’t see Mitch McConnell on the ballot. CARL QUINTANILLA: Your piece is sharply worded.

The Senate’s majority leader also dismissed the idea that Trump’s resistance to congressional oversight efforts amounted to “obstruction,” as alleged in the second article of impeachment.

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