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It doesn’t matter whether you are in New Zealand or outside New Zealand, you can still apply for your visa to work as a nurse. If you secure an offer of employment as a nurse, you may be able to obtain a Temporary Work Visa for up to 5 years. Nursing in New Zealand – Nursing in New Zealand is a registered profession which means that to function as a nurse in New Zealand, one needs to be registered with the Nursing Council New Zealand. How points are calculated for Express entry for Canada PR? If you also desire to study internationally – study in New Zealand to take your career in ‘Nursing’ to another level, then here is all you need to know to how to become a Nurse in New Zealand and how to become Nurse there. We have direct contact with the HR departments of all of New Zealand’s District Health Boards as the most direct way to assist in securing employment.

Most visa applications for nurses will receive priority processing. Hence the establishment of the public hospital system. A pass in an assessment of Nursing Council Competencies for Registered Nurses by an approved provider. To work in New Zealand you must first have your qualifications assessed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) relevant authority and obtain occupational registration with the New Zealand Nursing Council. In a country that is not dissimilar in physical size to the UK, the population is a fraction at only 4.25m. Public hospitals were designed to be used by patients that could not afford to be in the private health care system. Internationally qualified nurses who meet Nursing Council standards may apply to become registered to practice in New Zealand. Originally doctors within New Zealand worked independently with a user pays system.

Immigration New Zealand is the government office that is responsible for managing all visa applications. To know more to study in New Zealand, contact West Highlander. To be a Nurse one must have an altruistic approach towards others. The skilled Migrant Visa is a points-based visa with additional points awarded to nurses because there is such a serious shortage of Registered Nurses (in all fields) in New Zealand. The Test measures the language competency of health professionals who are seeking registration and the ability to practise in an English-speaking context. As such, the New Zealand Government has listed Registered Nurses on their "Long Term skills shortage list" under the Skilled Migrant Category. So whether it is beaches, lakes & mountains, coastal scenery, sport or culture, you will find it all, and not too far away, in New Zealand. There were also informal basic cottage hospitals run by untrained women, some little more than domestic servants, where able-bodied patients were expected to look after the other patients. The two islands are very different.

Permanent residency may be possible with an application through the Skilled Migrant Category (Skilled Migration Visa). All current students graduate as a RNZcmpN Registered New Zealand comprehensive Nurse. New Zealand has historically provided many nurses for the global market place; the salaries in overseas countries (notably Australia, United States, United Kingdom and the Middle East) have proved attractive to NZ nurses. The NP nursing model of practice offers an alternative and highly effective model of health care delivery in line While some areas managed to fund the facilities, others simply could not due to lack of public support. New Zealand also has a statutory minimum of 4 weeks paid holiday per year, plus Public Holidays. Currently there are 260 registered NPs in NZ. It is designed to ensure that language competency is assessed in a relevant professional context. There are excellent career opportunities with permanent and temporary work available in New Zealand. Moving to a new country can be both exciting and daunting and we understand the type of help you need. Pursuing a degree internationally by studying at one of the best educational destinations is one of the most sought after pathway to have a great career through internationally recognised qualification. Maclean, H. (2012). Search 667 Nursing New Zealand jobs now available on, the world's largest job site. Whilst salaries are lower than in the UK this is countered by a lower cost of living of around 5-10%. Recently, attempts were made to reintroduce the title enrolled nurse with this causing some disagreement between trade unions, the registering body, and health providers. We have 13 years of experience as in running since 2005. Pass an Exam meant for Enrolled Nurses particularly. Nurses who have made the move to New Zealand report that one of the things that make the work more enjoyable is lower patient staff ratios. The climate is temperate, meaning that extremes of heat are not experienced in the same way as areas of Australia. However, New Zealand has a huge amount in its favour. If you would like assistance in securing employment, we are able to facilitate this process. There are three levels at which you can function as a Nurse in New Zealand: A history of nursing in New Zealand begins in the 1800s. Whilst this is not a requirement for visa application purposes, the New Zealand Nursing Council have deemed that, despite nurses coming from English speaking countries and having English as a native language, they must still provide proof of English language ability. They offer an excellent opportunity for nurses wishing to experience living and working in another country at a relatively low cost. Sign up to our visa point for surveys recent updates & offers. A professional migration agent can assist you with detailed and often time consuming process should you require assistance. To become a Registered Nurse, you need to have: Nurse practitioners have advanced education, clinical training and the demonstrated competence and legal authority to practise beyond the level of a registered nurse. Can I apply for Canada PR as an entertainer? We also have links with New Zealand specialising in recruiting health care professionals. View Universities/Colleges offering Nursing with tuition fees, rankings, scholarships, and reviews. This has resulted in a drop in the number of NZ-educated nurses practicing within New Zealand; recently the flow has been decreased by a substantial pay award for hospital based nurses. West Highlander is one of the best study-abroad consultancies based in the north-region of India. Nursing Council of New Zealand Our nursing programmes are nationally and internationally recognised and approved by the Nursing Council of New Zealand . Kiwi Emigration is a UK-based company that specialises only in New Zealand. IELTS is a test designed to assess an applicant’s English language ability. [2], All nurses in New Zealand are expected to maintain both professional knowledge and clinical competence in order to receive an annual practicing certificate from the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ). We have a diverse culture with many migrants from around the world like Asia, South Africa and in particular the UK. New Zealand provides Nurses with ample opportunity in all specialist fields such is the demand within the healthcare sector. A sense of compassion should drive you to study Nursing and later to justify yourself as a professional of the noblest profession of the World.

Within the hospital system were an array of titles and levels, which often focused upon clinical specialty rather than generic nursing knowledge. There are excellent career opportunities with permanent and temporary work available. 201002008. As a nurse practitioner, the nurse must undertake an approved course of study and present a portfolio of evidence to NCNZ for approval. Together with extensive contacts we have in New Zealand, we will be able to assist you with: Whatever your circumstances, with every move to New Zealand, you WILL need the following: Kiwi Emigration provide assistance with all 3 as STANDARD. This pay award was given to those employed within district health boards but not other public sector providers which caused a degree of conflict within the profession and a return to hospital practice for many in the primary healthcare sector.

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