oil and gas private equity firms

Kerogen Capital is an independent private equity fund manager specialising in the international oil and gas sector. Index Oil & Gas Portfolio Companies [200+ items], Portfolio Company Presentations [35 items], New Capital: Pickering Energy-backed upstream companies, New Capital: Momentum Minerals raises capital from Apollo Global, New Capital: Fortuna Resources III receives more capital from North Hudson Partners, IPO: Carnelian Energy-backed SPAC Peridot Acquisition closes $300m IPO, Capital Raise: Elberta M. Royalty raising capital, high-profile affiliation, Capital Raise: Midland Mesa Minerals discloses raising capital with advisor’s help, Capital Raise: Alta Resources discloses plan to raise nine-figures, Capital Raise: Colt Midstream discloses raising eight figures, New Fund: Chicago-based oil and gas fund secures nine figures, New Fund: Vendera Resources discloses plans to raise new fund, New Fund: Andros Capital announces $250m inaugural fund, New Fund: Five Point Energy secures nearly ten figures for third fund, New Fund: Yorktown Partners discloses raising nine figures for new fund, New Fund: BIS Brazos Infrastructure raised nine figures, New Fund: Black Bay Capital initiates Fund II fundraising efforts. "0"+a:""+a};var hc=function(a,b){a=a.google_ad_modifications=a.google_ad_modifications||{};a=a.loeids=a.loeids||[];for(var c=0;c

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