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She boosted his morale by a tonne, and he flaunted himself even more, though he kept his relationship secret from his family, not wanted to be laughed at by anyone else. [21] He met her on platform 9¾, showing off his Head Boy badge, and, later in the year, wagered ten Galleons on the outcome of the Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw match, despite not actually having ten galleons. Following the hearing, he also ignored his father, who was waiting outside for Harry. He tried to look out for his sister, Ginny, once forcing her to take Pepperup Potion because she looked ill, and by trying to assuage her fears that Ron's behaviour would get him expelled. Percy Weasley est une minifigurine Harry Potter, un sorcier de sang pur, le fils d'Arthur et Molly Weasley, un ancien élève de Gryffondor où il a tenu les fonctions de préfet puis de préfet-en-chef et un employé du ministère de la Magie. Il a cinq frères, Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, Ron, et une sœur, Ginny. Percy's estrangement from his family continued, although he did write a letter to Ron, congratulating him on becoming a prefect and urging him to stop associating with Harry (who he felt was a bad influence) as well as believing that his family would one day realise their mistake for believing Dumbledore and apologise to him. In the summer of 1995, Percy acted as Court Scribe during Harry Potter's hearing before the Wizengamot for using magic in front of a Muggle. Percy proved himself to be very much of a social climber. Following the hearing, despite Harry being cleared of all charges, Percy believed that Harry only got off due to a technicality, and he also ignored his father, who was waiting outside for Harry. [33], Chris Rankin as Percy in Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Percy as seen in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4. Their bond was broken after the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, when Percy condemned his boss's house-elf Winky, and Hermione was angry at his unfairness, having recently realised how badly house-elves were treated. He also learned about the plans for the resurrection of the Triwizard Tournament, which he took great delight with in hinting about to his younger siblings. [4], Percy was also highly opinionated, and made loud comments regarding the Sirius Black situation and the measures he would suggest when he made it into the Ministry of Magic. [24], Despite his normal determination to maintain proper behaviour, Percy was an avid fan of Quidditch and could sometimes forget decorum in demonstrating his enthusiasm for it. in every exam he took. When he was younger, Percy was pompous and proud and thought he was very important. Harry asked if he had saw Ron and Percy gave a comment about how he hoped Ron was not in the girl's bathroom searching for clues again. Il est également le frère de Charlie, Bill, Fred, George, Ronald et Ginny Weasley, tous élèves à Poudlard dans la maison Gryffondor. [2] At some point in his fifth year, Percy began dating Penelope Clearwater, a Ravenclaw prefect, though he kept it a secret from his family, most likely to prevent his twin brothers Fred and George from mercilessly teasing him (which they did most of the time).[3]. [9], That Sunday, Percy saw Harry leaving the Hospital Wing and congratulated him for earning their House 50 points by catching the Golden Snitch.

Harry fully expected Percy to give some recognition, but much to Harry's frustration, Percy refused to look at him. [28] Later that year, when Gryffindor won the final match of the season, vs. Slytherin, Percy jumped "up and down like a maniac, all dignity forgotten."[29]. Scrimgeour exploited Percy's family connections to get close to Harry, and Percy was very uncomfortable with seeing his family again, as he had not planned to see them for the holidays. Percy graduat… [12] During the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament, he rushed to help him from the lake after he had been rescued by Harry Potter. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Percy and Fred fought alongside with each other. [8], Over the years, Percy was particularly proud and protective of his youngest brother, Ron. [16], He and his two brothers came to Jacob's room with Jacob's sibling in order to talk to Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington.

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