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The government expects the level of funding for dispensing will reduce over the course of the five years, by an amount that has not yet been agreed, “as new technology and transformation is enabled”. However, contractors have the professional discretion to dispense individual doses in separate packages as appropriate. GPs have no excuse of resource constraints, as the electronic repeat prescription service is fully functional. It is a very timely endeavour and puts a lot of pressure onto the workloads. These may include simplifying prescription endorsing requirements and ending routine opening hour requirements, it says. the sum of all doses) does not meet a Drug Tariff listed pack size (or a multiple of), the 10p container fee will be paid. What is happening to establishment payments? Essential Service Payments. Funding from the global sum has been reserved for developing this service until 2023-24. Pharmacies will only be reimbursed by the NHS for supplying diluents where they are prescribed on an NHS prescription. Please see above for endorsement requirements. For information on instalment dispensing for Controlled Drugs other than methadone on an FP10MDA, please see the ‘Instalment Dispensing‘ page instead. Following contractor feedback, PSNC reviewed the new methadone payment arrangements introduced in July 2012 by: analysing contractor data taken from a time and motion study which looked at the dispensing costs of supplying methadone, undertaking a methadone prescription audit, and visiting contractors dispensing high volumes of methadone prescriptions for their expert opinions. If you would like more information on any of the topics covered, the PSNC Dispensing and Supply Team will be happy to help (call 0844 381 4180 or 0203 1220 810 or e-mail You can download Acrobat reader from the link below. Pharmacists will endorse the prescription with the volumes dispensed at each “pick-up” episode (i.e. To achieve this, the government will use the Pharmacy Integration Fund to pilot a range of additional prevention and detection services, which, if found to be effective, could be rolled out nationally.

However, where the diluent is prescribed on a separate prescription form to the dry powder for injection, two prescription charges should be levied.
Q. It was better to not dispense! diazepam or buprenorphine) is based on the number of patient interactions or “pick-ups” from the pharmacy only. This payment will be paid to pharmacies relative to their dispensing volume. Pharmacies will need to meet all the activities in a “bundle” to receive the payment for that group. Not listed in Part VIIIA of the Tariff, the pack size published by the manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier is endorsed by or on behalf of the contractor. What do you do? Find out what’s happening in the wider NHS. The number of additional packaged doses claimed must be clearly end… This may be a few weeks before the patient is due to collect their next prescription (only some GP systems allow for the first eRD in batch to be post-dated). The universal fee for providing MDS under the Act was inadequate and has disappeared under the single activity fee. Direct referrals from 111/hospitls/|GPs.

There had been only a “short window of opportunity” to conclude the deal, due to the DH’s priorities of Brexit preparations and the Conservative party’s leadership election race. Find out about locally commissioned community pharmacy services. Chemist+Druggist is a trading division of Informa intelligence, and operates as part of Informa Markets (UK) Ltd. Drug-related deaths in England and Wales at highest ever level, RPS: Supermarket OTC substitutions could be putting patients ‘at risk’, PSNC: Do not name colleagues to test and trace if you have COVID-19, SunVit-D3 adds three strengths to vitamin D range, Pharmacies banned from selling single-use plastic cotton buds, GPhC bumps pharmacy premises fees up to £365 from April 2021, GPhC defends £103 premises fee increase for pharmacy, Watchdog raises concerns over GPhC's fitness to practise process, Warn patients of fire risk from emollients, MHRA advises pharmacists, Three manufacturers fined £2.3m for fludrocortisone price hike deal, COVID-19: MHRA asks pharmacies to stop selling finger-prick tests, Superdrug launches COVID-19 antibody test, Strivit-D3 range for vitamin D deficiency available in three strengths, GSK launches PiriNatural saline nasal spray for allergies, Strides Pharma UK’s cholecalciferol combats vitamin D deficiency, pharmacy contractual framework for 2019-20 to 2023-24, future of the medicines use review (MUR) service. The government plans to “introduce a new and updated PhAS that is more responsive to changes within the market and takes into account the shift in funding from dispensing to clinical services”. It wants to make it easier for contractors to merge pharmacies with others nearby, closing one of them, by amending pharmacy regulations. Consequentially, much of the details have not yet been worked out.

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The number of additional packaged doses supplied is equal to the total number of days’ supply given minus the number of patient interactions. In the meantime, contractors can apply for “aspiration payments” – up to 70% of the funding they earned as part of the 2018-19 QPS – which will be paid by the end of November this year. The DH is not prepared to discuss how many pharmacies it expects to close, PSNC says, though the negotiator believes the “government’s view on pharmacy clusters remains unchanged”.

You cannot blame PSNC for us not having a supply model fit for 2019.   Find out what’s happening in the wider NHS. Sounds to me that with a fixed global sum over the next five years, they can keep reducing the dispensing fee to whatever they like (devalue the role), and say you can get it back with additional new extra work for nothing more.... that’s clearly a lot MORE work, for same money...excluding the further increase in Rx volume and workload for no extra over the next five years... that’s a DOUBLE blow of extra work for nothing. Copyright © 2020 PSNC • Site designed and built by Jellyhaus, NHS Contracted Services (Essential and Advanced), ask the patient/carer the 4 questions every time they dispense repeat prescriptions, CD Incident Reporting and Accountable Officer, Community Pharmacy Lincolnshire Newsletters, COVID-19 Cases and Outbreaks in Pharmacies, Lincolnshire Integrated Sexual Health Services (LiSH), temporary change to consent required by GP Practices for COVID-19,,,,, Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD): An overview,,, Flu Service Specification for 2020-21 Launched, October 2020 Price Concessions 1st Update, Medicine Supply Notification: DDAVP (Desmopressin) 0.01% w/v (100 micrograms/ml) intranasal solution. Payment for Containers – When the total quantity prescribed on the form (i.e. using notes/stickers etc.)? Hep-C testing in a area with no drug users. This provision now includes the supply of dropper bottles or separate droppers for prescriptions where the medicine is for administration to or via the ear, eye or nose, or a vaginal applicator for contraceptive gel or cream prescriptions, except where the manufacturer’s pack includes one. Agree with all of Hitesh's proposals but I would suggest going even further , that being to to re-introduce between 5-10% on-cost applied to basic cost of all medicines and appliances to rapidly restore contractor cash-flow. Is hub-and-spoke dispensing back on the agenda? Is the Pharmacy Access Scheme continuing? FAQ. C+D has been informing, supporting and championing community pharmacy since 1859 and is proud to be at the forefront of providing the latest news to everyone working in the sector. A community pharmacy referral service will be rolled out nationally from October. March 2020 2020-04-psnc-high_performance_home_tour. Briefings published by PSNC covering topics such as opening hours, regulations, and NHS IT matters. The full guidance – including the number of points contractors need to earn for each activity – are yet to be confirmed. Q. Repeat Dispensing is an Essential Service and is part of NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework. You can find this on any pricing authority statement or your prescription submission document (FP34c). Category M payments were most likely thought up by an economist to create a non-transparent and inequitable system to befuddle contractors. Follow @PSNCNews PSNC's Alphabetical List of Charges includes examples of the number of fees and charges that should be levied for common prescriptions and can be found in the PSNC Dispensing Resources Guide 2008/9.
Whilst there is an exception in the law that enables pharmacies to supply 2ml vials of sterile water for injection without a prescription when engaged in the lawful provision of water for injection for drug treatment, pharmacies are no longer reimbursed for supplying diluents where they have not been prescribed. The 10p payment for containers is paid to contractors on those occasions where the prescribed quantity requires a contractor to split a pack in order to supply the exact quantity as the quantity prescribed is not available in a manufacturer’s original pack/listed pack size in the Drug Tariff. How did the government and PSNC arrive at this decision and what’s next? The prescriber is not complying with the GMS contract requirements* by not using the form provided specifically for the purpose of supply in instalments. This payment includes the following that is required but where the manufacturer’s pack does not include one: Provision for supply of either a 5ml plastic measuring spoon with every oral liquid medicine; ... , the PSNC Dispensing and Supply Team will be happy to … Our monthly updates on dispensing news and guidance, plus a variety of factsheets. There remains no provision to dispense medicines in instalments on a standard FP10 prescription form. I definitely want to see something in the new contract about this. Our interest in this bill concerns the changes set out within it which will enable hub and spoke dispensing of medicines. We cannot continue to pay pharmacist wages to pick boxes off a shelf. For some patients, and with some dosages, a suitable measuring device will be sufficient, allowing the supply of a single container to last for several days. No endorsement is required to be paid for each “pick-up” or “item level fee”, these are paid automatically for all prescriptions for oral liquid methadone (including FP10 forms). Payment is included in single activity fee. 2020-04-psnc-high_performance_home_tour..pdf (1256 KB ) 2020 High Performance Home Tour (?) The Pharmacy Access Scheme (PhAS) – introduced in 2016 to help protect pharmacies situated a mile or more from another by road from the “full effect” of the funding cuts – will retain the same level of funding of £24m per year until next March. Briefings published by PSNC covering topics such as opening hours, regulations, and NHS IT matters. But I think the bulk of our income may still come from the dispensing contract. Payment for consumables used when dispensing is paid at the average rate of 1.24p per prescription for every prescription item (except oxygen) supplied by contractors.

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