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Here are a few examples to get you started: Give it a spin: https://try-puppeteer.appspot.com/. When you execute such test with codeceptjs run command you may see the browser is started. Set "PUPPETEER_SKIP_CHROMIUM_DOWNLOAD" env variable to skip download npm ERR!

Change your code to click on this button and then take another screenshot: Run this code and the new screenshot should look something like this: Now we see the modal element is gone and the rest of the page is loading. Using Puppeteer in TypeScript 24 Sep 2017. It will wait for a small amount of time (100ms) by default after each user action is taken.

Check out contributing guide to get an overview of Puppeteer development. A Puppeteer helper is passed as argument for callback, so you can combine Puppeteer API with CodeceptJS API: To create custom I.

Use {devtools: true} when launching Puppeteer: jasmine: jasmine.DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL = 100000; mocha: this.timeout(100000); (don't forget to change test to use function and not '=>'). For example, you can step over await page.click() in the node.js script and see the click happen in the application code browser. So tests setup with Puppeteer can be started with npm install only. You must add some information about this start script to … See Page.pdf() for more information about creating pdfs. debug your test inside chromium like a boss! Modify your code in index.js one last time: Run this code again and you should see the location text printing to your console, and your final screenshot should look like this: In this case, we see can see that the city of Philadelphia exists on Lenape land. Type in different commands such as click, see, fillField to write the test. Be sure that the version of puppeteer-core you install is compatible with the browser you intend to connect to. We will continue to collaborate with other browser vendors to bring Puppeteer support to browsers such as Safari. npm ERR! This lets you debug code in the application code browser; ie code inside evaluate(). You can use the page.waitFor() function to have your headless browser script wait a number of milliseconds before running other commands. We will use this later. We'll write code to programmatically type in an address and figure out which Native land corresponds to that location. You can use it to explicitly define which requests to block and which response they should return instead: To see mockRequest method in intellisense auto completion don't forget to run codeceptjs def command: Mocking rules will be kept while a test is running. To mock requests enable additional helper MockRequest (which is based on Polly.js). The same way you can also access browser object to implement more actions or handle events.

Web scraping can be useful in these situations, but only if this data can be accessed statically on a web page. This article describes some differences for Linux users. See Contributing. Before moving on, we're going to have to get rid of this modal element to work with the rest of the page to get useful information.

To click on the modal button, we'll use the CSS selector, .modal-footer > button, which uses the child combinator CSS selector to get the button we're looking for. For this to work, you should install a puppeteer-core version that corresponds to the Chrome version. Puppeteer v1.5.0 also exposes browser contexts, making it possible to efficiently parallelize test execution. Final Option 3: Puppeteer, Headless Chrome with Node.js. Let's write some new code to type in this text field, and wait for location suggestions to appear using the selector li.active > a before taking another screenshot: Notice we're also waiting for 500 milliseconds before typing in the search box, just to give the page a little bit of time to load. Puppeteer provides methods page.click to click a DOM element and page.type to type text. Make sure Puppeteer helper is enabled in codecept.conf.js config: Turn off the show option if you want to run test in headless mode. The page size can be customized with Page.setViewport().

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