reo speedwagon car

“These are geared so low, you can crawl faster than this can go in first gear,” Marshall laughed. The REO Speed Wagon (alternatively Reo Speedwagon) was a light motor truck manufactured by REO Motor Car Company. “Otherwise, it’s pretty original. You can pull a tractor-trailer with it. • The band REO Speedwagon took their name from the REO Speed Wagon light delivery truck, an ancestor of pickup trucks.
First introduced in 1915, production continued through at least 1953, and made REO (the initials of its founder, Ransom Eli Olds) one of the better-known manufacturers of commercial vehicles in America prior to World War II. Having a mostly original 1923 Reo truck certainly gives Marshall a conversation piece at hobby events. The bench seat inside the tiny cab is fixed, and head and legroom is in short supply for somebody Marshall’s size. Traveling 4,176 miles (6,720 km) from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Vancouver, British Columbia, in a 1912 REO special touring car, mechanic/driver Fonce V. (Jack) Haney and journalist Thomas W. Wilby made the first trip by automobile across Canada (including one short jaunt into northeastern Washington State when the Canadian roads were virtually impassable.). The company began in 1908 after Ransom E. Olds had departed from Olds Motor Works, the company he had started in 1899. As long as the cruising speed doesn’t climb above 35 mph, he’s just fine in his Speedwagon. As many as 3 Dietrich coachbuilt bodies were built on 148-inch (3,800 mm) wheelbases in 1931. This page was last edited on 14 September 2020, at 18:24.
A man who was pretty much a stranger — “somebody who knew somebody who knew me,” Marshall jokes — called him out of the blue and asked Marshall to come and look at a truck.

The Reo Speed Wagon, also called the Hurry Up Wagon, was introduced in 1915. REO's two most memorable cars were its Reo Flying Cloud introduced in 1927[11] and the Reo Royale 8 of 1931. Such vehicles aren’t plentiful today, and the Reo Speedwagon is more associated with the rock band of the same name than a defunct automaker.

The company's name was spelled alternately in all capitals REO or with only an initial capital as Reo, and the company's own literature was inconsistent in this regard, with early advertising using all capitals and later advertising using the "Reo" capitalization. It ran, but it was used up and it was due for some work.

From 1915 to 1925, under Scott's direction REO remained profitable. The first is what he calls his “anti-theft” device. “I didn’t notice this about it until I started looking close, but at the base of the gear shift is little ring loop that you could put a lock through and couldn’t put into gear.”, The other oddity — the location of the gas tank — has taken some getting used to. During 1936, REO abandoned the manufacture of automobiles to concentrate on trucks. All things considered, the 1923 1 1/4 –ton Reo had led a fortunate and relatively pampered life for a working truck.

It remained clean and well kept year-round, apparently resting a lot more than it worked. The Flying Cloud was the first car to use Lockheed's new hydraulic internal expanding brake system and featured styling by Fabio Segardi. It’s gravity feed, and it started and it sounded pretty good.”, Once he got it home, Marshall did some timing work on the Reo and “re-did the ignition system so it ran steady. With a three-speed manual, they were meant for slow-moving work, particularly in low gear. Lansing is home to the R. E. Olds Transportation Museum. The truck’s owner didn’t know how to get the truck running, and he really didn’t want to keep it. Reo jumped into the truck business in 1909, producing what were considered to be solid, well-built, durable trucks. [6], After years of roughly equal car and truck emphasis, REO shifted its focus completely to trucks, ending automobile production in 1936. The Model 8-31 was priced at $2,145. Bid for the chance to own a 1949 Reo Speed Wagon D19XA Pickup at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. “I have two other Reos — a 1909 two-cylinder chain drive, and a 1912 the Fifth,” said Marshall, who also owns a 1916 Model T Ford. 1915 model featured 1-ton weight, four-cylinder engine, three speed transmission and aimed to be faster than the 10-15 mph average speed of contemporary trucks. [1] Although the basic design and styling of the chassis remained consistent, the Speed Wagon was manufactured in a variety of configurations (pickup and panel truck, passenger bus) to serve as delivery, tow, dump, and fire trucks, as well as hearses and ambulances.

[5], While REO produced some wagons based on its automobile chassis (the Model H) starting in 1908 and had organized a division to produce trucks in 1910 with success, the Speed Wagon's introduction in 1915 was a significant step and a sales success. [10] During 1925, however, Scott, like many of his contemporaries/competitors, began an ambitious expansion program designed to make the company more competitive with other automobile manufacturers by offering cars in different price ranges. The company kept that name until 1939, when it became Reo Motors. Three years later, in 1957, Reo's vehicle manufacturing operation became a subsidiary of the White Motor Company. In 1915, Olds relinquished the title of general manager to his protégé Richard H. Scott, and eight years later he ended his tenure as the company's presidency as well, retaining the position of chairman of the board. The 8-35 & 8-52 are considered full CCCA classics. Most of these business were failures and the company was bankrupt again by 1966. Two years later, Olds claimed he had built the best car he could, a tourer able to seat two, four, or five, with a 30–35 hp (22–26 kW) engine, 112 inches (2,845 mm) wheelbase, and 32 inches (81 cm) wheels, for US$1,055 (not including top, windshield, or gas tank, which were US$100 extra);[3] self-starter was US$25 on top of that. 1929 model featured REO's "Gold Crown" 268 cubic inch, 67 horsepower, six-cylinder engine. It appears to me that he did a very nice job … It would appear that the engine and drive train, he didn’t have to do anything to it.

car has a unique history.

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