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It’s hard to say for sure. 6 Real-life Robin Hoods Feared by some as evil outlaws and beloved by others as national heroes, these six real-life Robin Hoods have become immortalized over time. Smith arrived at the Cape of Good Hope in 1877 as a member of the Frontier Armed and Mounted Police, but deserted his post and subsequently began his illustrious career as an outlaw, robbing from the rich and aiding those who were struggling financially. We don’t know much about Robert of Wetherby except that he was wanted as an “outlaw and evildoer of our land.”. This is when we first find out his fugitive ways. After Montfort’s defeat at the Battle of Evesham, de Deyville fled to the forests and became a bandit. The medieval English ballads use this term to describe a status higher than a peasant but lower than a knight. The Real Robin Hood The earliest surviving ballads make no mention of a wife, family (1) or land, and the reason for his outlawry is never explained. Real outlaws named Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck and other people who may have inspired the merry men.

According to journalist John Reed, who spent four months with Villa’s army in 1913-14, numerous ballads were shared among locals describing how Villa and his gang would steal from rich haciendas to give to the poor, distributing cattle and corn that had been confiscated during his many raids. The Robin Hood legend also takes a bloodier turn than in previous versions as vengeance is delivered to villains. In the Elizabethan era Robin Hood became a popular presence in plays staged for the upper classes. An anonymous manuscript from 1600 places Locksley as Robin Hood’s town of birth. Maybe he’s one of these men or a combination of all of them. The story has been around for centuries, but its most familiar elements are also the most recent additions. During the Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943, in which the majority of food was supplied through the black market, Giuliano was caught attempting to smuggle sacks of grain and wound up killing a policeman while resisting arrest. His popularity grew in the coming years, and he appeared more frequently in later works, such as Robin Hood and the Friar from the 1560s. Roger Godberd was said to take off to the forest of Sherwood after the Earls’s defeat.

Kings, lords, and their representatives used it often to punish rebellious peasants. He sets off into the Greenwood taking the daughter of Robert Fitzwalter (AKA Marion) with him. Although Indian authorities dispute as myth the notion that Phoolan Devi robbed from the rich to give to the poor, her actions were widely perceived to be justified by the poor and downtrodden, who heralded her as a hero (some even believed her to be an incarnation of the Hindu goddess Durga). There are also cases of 13th and 14th-century criminals deliberately taking on the name. A civil war in the 12th century, later known as the Anarchy, led to a catastrophic breakdown in law and order. Nottingham City Museums and Galleries,, Medieval cave tunnels revealed as never before, The hellish history of the devil: Satan in the Middle Ages. Required fields are marked *. Robinhood provides free stock, options, ETF and cryptocurrency trades, and its account minimum is $0, too. Although Munday’s Robin Hood plays are regarded by modern critics as poorly constructed and a bit dull (most of the action had to be written out to avoid censorship), their influence has been considerable. An 1839 painting by Daniel Maclise shows Robin Hood and his Merry Men entertaining Richard the Lionheart in Sherwood Forest on his return from captivity and the Crusades. FACT CHECK: We strive for accuracy and fairness. Fulk FitzWarin, or Shropshire’s Real Robin Hood, The Days When Fashion Was Only for the Rich. The Robin Hood Story will always be appealing because it’s a … Set in 1194, Scott’s novel takes place in England during the Crusades. Banditry, especially the benevolent kind which fights for the “little guy,” has also created some real superstars.
By the time of his arrest on August 8, 1831, Jirokichi confessed to stealing over 30,000 ryo (an immense sum at that time) from the samurai estates of at least 100 feudal lords. Who was the real Robin Hood?

Wood engraving of Juraj Janosik. Robin may have been popular during the Middle Ages, but it’s the post-medieval stories that really brought him fame. Although his claim to kinship with the well-known Gordon Lennox family has been difficult to verify, he always maintained that he was the eldest son of the wealthy Perthshire landowner. Fulk was friends with King John in his childhood, but the two later had a falling out. Robin Hood was a rebel, and many of the most striking episodes in the tales about him show him and his companions robbing and killing representatives of authority and giving the gains to the poor. The Locksley name was probably more an invention of the ballads than fact. Pyle also introduces the idea of Robin as the great humanitarian, robbing the rich and giving to the poor. One of the longest, A Gest of Robyn Hode, originates during this time. In the early 20th century Robin Hood migrated from the page to the cinema, and the tale was reinvented and retold time and again with stars like Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, Sean Connery, and Daffy Duck all taking their turn in the lead role. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With each new iteration, the Robin Hood legend would absorb new characters, settings, and traits—evolving into the familiar legend of today. The star of countless novels and movies—and discussions on his own historical validity—Robin Hood is deeply ingrained in the collective imagination of most of the population. Pyle’s work gained a new audience for Robin Hood in the United States, which seemed to hunger for more tales of the Prince of Thieves in years to come. She soon assumed leadership of her own gang, which carried out a series of robberies and kidnappings of upper-caste villagers, and on Valentine’s Day in 1981, Devi ordered the execution of 22 upper-caste Hindu men to avenge her abuse and degradation in what became known as the Behmai massacre. Just as Robin Hood eludes the Sheriff of Nottingham, pinning down the folk hero's exact origins challenges scholars. Two hundred of the king’s men dressed in green and one dressed as Robin Hood led the monarchs to a feast. Several more characters begin to appear in the Robin Hood stories at this point. Other locations across England appear in the legend’s history, strengthening its English pedigree. (See also: The hellish history of the devil: Satan in the Middle Ages.). In a 15th-century manuscript of Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne, Robin is not content with just killing his opponent, Guy.

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