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Retelling I had to save the nerdiest for last. Way 3: the extreme hotness right from the get go. Book Spotlight All of her novels are great and feature nerdy romance—you really can’t go wrong. Dystopian January 2018

And many of them have competed in debate club or Hi-Q, defended theses and dissertations, explained complex Boolean search techniques to others, and gotten into all kinds of heated fangirl and fanboy arguments about whether Snape was truly good or very evil and whether the second Spiderman reboot should be forgotten or praised. The (romantic) chemistry could be phenomenal, and they would play off each other really well. These readers know there are more than a few grins, giggles, and guffaws on the road to happily-ever-after. September 2020 May 2017 It's A Movie! Vacation Fling

That’s one place where we get our classic wit from (and a lot of us are really into British humor). A love story that delivers a generous measure of both humor and passion is almost always guaranteed to find a ready audience. bev: Love a nerdy heroine. April 2016 There's A Dog! Attachments is an epistolary novel about office romance in the 90s and drops references to film, techie things, and board game nights. Trigger Warning And we don’t all need to be liberated.

Thrift Book Haul If you love heroes and heroines of the bookish and scholarly variety, here are five romance novels you do not wanna miss. September 2018 None of it makes sense—not how well he gets along with her family or how she feels when she’s around him, especially since she has no experience. Tag You're It! Eleanor & Park is a YA romance about punk music, bullying, comics, poverty, and star-crossed love.It’s a devastating read, but one that you resurface from feeling more alive. And what develops is a friendship full of both platonic and romantic chemistry…though they’ll have to wait until she graduates to explore the latter. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

July 2020

February 2019 Here you'll find all collections you've created before.

Las Vegas Baby Nerds also watch shows that have romance and flirtation in them. Life Of A Reader Gargoyles Romance Vaginal Fantasy

July 2017 Learn how your comment data is processed.

May 2018 October 2018 The Great Cliffies Debate by Kennedy Ryan, Five Books That Made Me Love My Asexuality. Fairy Tale Re-telling He’s the last guy who’d make sense for a boyfriend, but that’s what makes him the perfect control for her study…at least until her feelings for him grow a little out of control. In this book both hero and heroine aren’t usual romance book material, so that makes it all interesting. July 2019

June 2016 Magical Realism

Finding the Moxie to Finish Your Project by Nancy Stohlman, Exclusive: How to Catch a Queen by Alyssa Cole Interview and Excerpt. As if things couldn’t get worse, her meddling mother makes a surprise visit, digging up a whole new set of problems. Drunk on love, Katie dives headfirst into the relationship only to discover that Cooper is keeping secrets… dangerous ones. (See: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.) Science Fiction Coming Of Age Horror May 2016 Sarah's writing about books has appeared on Book Riot, Electric Literature, Kirkus Reviews, BookRags, PsychCentral, and more. December 2017 Friends To Enemies

Short Story Vaginal Fantasy Friday Don Tillman is a handsome genetics professor whose tendency to see everything through and intellectual and scientific lens often gets in the way of dating women. Feminism

It is my hope that more romances with nerdy characters will reflect the above advice.

Ya Erotica Lite Writing nerd characters as one of these two extremes, or worse, as having some frantic and unstable Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde asexual/nymphomaniac personality flip does a disservice to nerds everywhere. Coffee I myself am currently reading a “nerd romance novel” to coincide with February’s Valentine’s Day festivities. Fiction Janie: Can anyone think of any books where the heroine is a little “nerdy”? September 2015, All January 2019 Paranormal Romance Curvy Required fields are marked *. Way 1: the fantastic narrator, a mathematically brilliant autistic woman named Stella who struggles with romantic relationships. Historical Romance Promo Nonfiction Xpresso Book Tours

Romance Read December 2019 ), Welcome to March Madness: Bipolar Tips for Managing Spring and Summer Mania, The Best New Christmas Romance Books for 2019, 40 Fun Book Trivia Facts for Kids about Children's Book Authors, Learn Numerology with the 10 Best Books about Numerology, 20 Best Science Fiction Short Story Collections, 16 Must-Read Picture Book Biographies for Women’s History Month, 10 Short Book Club Book Suggestions for 2020, Take the Ultimate Children's Literature Trivia Quiz, The 15 Best Tarot Books: from Beginner to Advanced, Book Group Guide for IN FIVE YEARS: Questions, Ending Explained & Similar Books, 10 Terrific Short Story Collections for Kids. July 2018 Young Adult Funny Sage's Blog Tours Book Blast Although we we may like discussing the chemistry of oil and the properties of water, we might actually go together like oil and water. Tessa: …my favorite trope of nerd girl, bad boy… Tasha J: I love a nerdy, quirky heroine. You could speak particle physics but your partner speaks postmodern poetry. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I don’t know about you, but for my money, there is nothing hotter than a truly sexy nerd. Regency Romance November 2017 October 2017 April 2019 Scorched It’s a dangerous matchup, but a girl’s gotta learn, right?

Biker Guy Enemies To Lovers Oh boy.

We might all be nerds at heart, but we’re not all one and the same. Creator Rachel Smythe Dream Casts Lore Olympus! Texas Bloggers Book Haul New Adult Campus Romance A stranger with a crazy plan to help her retrieve her family heirloom and get revenge. Friends To Lovers Eleanor & Park is a YA romance about punk music, bullying, comics, poverty, and star-crossed love. April 2017

June 2020

Well, the same thing holds true for romance novels. Memoir May 2020 Zine. April 2020 And Landline references old TV shows and time travel. December 2018 Seriously, librarians, as the archetypal nerds, have balanced lives in the stacks and in the sack. Texas Short Read Rape Culture That’s why it’s a great idea to pair a nerdy character with a non-nerd. Book Blitz And if Alec happens to treat her well and like her for exactly who she is, and she happens to find him kind, patient, and irresistible, even if he might need a little tutoring himself in the social department, they might just add up to a perfect match. December 2016 Not only are both the hero and heroine of this contemporary college-set romance science nerds, but it’s also an epic example of two of my all-time favorite tropes: enemies-to-lovers and…whatever you call the trope when people are totally falling for each other but don’t know who the other is IRL because it’s the glorious age of the internet! Banker Katie James has a serious thing for romance novels. July 2016 (And happy Valentine’s Day.). Thriller Because Fangirl was so popular, Rowell published Carry On as its own novel, with a sequel on the way. Marriage Of Convenience

October 2015 And holy hell, when they do… I list both books here because that’s how many it takes to find their happy ending, but trust me when I say you’ll be happy to spend multiple books with this blazing-hot and brilliantly nerdy couple. Five Reasons the Mountains are Perfect for an Autumn Romance by Janine Rosche, From Images to Words: Using Pinterest as a Useful Writing Tool. On this blog and on, Are you struggling to stay awake today? October 2019 February 2018

Paranormal Mystery Suspenseful Romance Suspense

August 2017

That’s right: Maria and Jay may despite each other when they interact in person, but they have no idea that online, he’s the commenter on her brilliant apocalypse-centric blog she’s been having long, perfect conversations with. Also let’s not forget that “nerd” is a blanket term. I really couldn’t pick one of Rainbow Rowell’s books to feature over the others. Series Fever Series But I guess I find that both in writing my own new adult romance novel and, well, living life in the mid 2010’s as a geeky gal, there’s a little room for improvement in romance novels with nerdy characters. Love Story He agrees to take on her project while he’s also trying to find a scientifically perfect mate (read: wife). Yeah, we’re awkward sometimes, but so is everyone else.

As a (freelance) librarian and someone who has worked in libraries before, I know all about this trope: the hypersexed but extremely repressed librarian who is just waiting for someone to tear her glasses off, toss her book aside, and hit the light switch in a secluded corner of the library. Ways 4 through a million: the way Stella and Michael find their way through their obstacles to get from a business relationship to a sweet and loving one in a narrative that’s funny, sexy, and free of judgment all around.

Kaya is intensely into science, and where some books have a cute “experimenting with love” trope, this one goes hard. Workplace Romance

If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I write a book?”. March 2019 Cozy Mystery Billionaire Bad Boy Nerdy Heroine November 2016 Angels Greek Gods June 2018 Sports Romance September 2019

Gift Badass Heroine Fantasy Realism There’s also a follow-up, The Rosie Effect, which continues Rosie and Don’s story. Netgalley Short Stories

Penny Reid’s Neanderthal Seeks Human is an awesome contemporary romance about Janie, a super-smart young woman who loses a lot—her job, her boyfriend, her apartment—and gains even more in her journey of self-exploration. What if they think Daenerys Targaryen should sit on the Iron Throne, but you feel Jon Snow is the obvious Song of Ice and Fire? Sound like a recipe for the romance of your dreams? Starbucks January 2017 September 2016 One of the reasons why Don and Rosie hit it off is that they’re so different from each other, but in a way that oddly makes them perfect together (yet another example of why nerd x non-nerd romance is a good option). Hockey Romance

Fairy Tale Re Telling

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