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To the First Chapter, which turns on Paradise and Fig-leaves, and leads usinto interminable disquisitions of a mythological, metaphorical,cabalistico-sartorial and quite antediluvian cast, we shall contentourselves with giving an unconcerned approval. To the Thinkers of this nation, however, of which class it is firmlybelieved there are individuals yet extant, we can safely recommend theWork: nay, who knows but among the fashionable ranks too, if it be true,as Teufelsdrockh maintains, that "within the most starched cravat therepasses a windpipe and weasand, and under the thickliest embroideredwaistcoat beats a heart,"--the force of that rapt earnestness may be felt,and here and there an arrow of the soul pierce through?

And what is that Science, which thescientific head alone, were it screwed off, and (like the Doctor's in theArabian Tale) set in a basin to keep it alive, could prosecute withoutshadow of a heart,--but one other of the mechanical and menial handicrafts,for which the Scientific Head (having a Soul in it) is too noble an organ?I mean that Thought without Reverence is barren, perhaps poisonous; atbest, dies like cookery with the day that called it forth; does not live,like sowing, in successive tilths and wider-spreading harvests, bringingfood and plenteous increase to all Time. Wildas it looks, this Philosophy of Clothes, can we ever reach its realmeaning, promises to reveal new-coming Eras, the first dim rudiments andalready-budding germs of a nobler Era, in Universal History. 'Explain' me all this, or do one oftwo things: Retire into private places with thy foolish cackle; or, whatwere better, give it up, and weep, not that the reign of wonder is done,and God's world all disembellished and prosaic, but that thou hitherto arta Dilettante and sand-blind Pedant.". He was a stranger there, wafted thither by what is called the courseof circumstances; concerning whose parentage, birthplace, prospects, orpursuits, curiosity had indeed made inquiries, but satisfied herself withthe most indistinct replies. Jetzt Informationen bei WINGS anfordern! However, Heaven is omnipotent, and will find us an outlet.In the mean while, is it not beautiful to see five million quintals of Ragspicked annually from the Laystall; and annually, after being macerated,hot-pressed, printed on, and sold,--returned thither; filling so manyhungry mouths by the way? From the soberest drab to the high-flaming scarlet, spiritualidiosyncrasies unfold themselves in choice of Color: if the Cut betokenIntellect and Talent, so does the Color betoken Temper and Heart.

"The man who cannot wonder, who does not habitually wonder (and worship),were he President of innumerable Royal Societies, and carried the whole_Mecanique Celeste_ and _Hegel's Philosophy_, and the epitome of allLaboratories and Observatories with their results, in his single head,--isbut a Pair of Spectacles behind which there is no Eye.

A Soul, aSpirit, and divine Apparition. And perhaps with the like return; forTeufelsdrockh treated his gaunt admirer with little outward regard, as somehalf-rational or altogether irrational friend, and at best loved him out ofgratitude and by habit.

Increased Security andpleasurable Heat soon followed: but what of these? Thy little figure, there as, in loose ill-brushed threadbarehabiliments, thou sattest, amid litter and lumber, whole days, to "thinkand smoke tobacco," held in it a mighty heart.

Some men wear an everlasting barren simper; inthe smile of others lies a cold glitter as of ice: the fewest are able tolaugh, what can be called laughing, but only sniff and titter and sniggerfrom the throat outwards; or at best, produce some whiffling huskycachinnation, as if they were laughing through wool: of none such comesgood.
"The beginning of all Wisdom is to look fixedly on Clothes, or even witharmed eyesight, till they become _transparent_. Thus, too, in the sure expectation of these, wealready see our task begun; and this our _Sartor Resartus_, which isproperly a "Life and Opinions of Herr Teufelsdrockh," hourly advancing. I said thatImagination wove this Flesh-Garment; and does not she? "To all these natural questions the voice of public History is as yetsilent. The Road to Your Best Stuff by Mike Williams PDF eBook, The French Revolution by Thomas Carlyle PDF eBook, Modifications of Passive Films by P. Marcus PDF Book, Global Macro Trading by Greg Gliner PDF eBook, The Death Defiers by Jack Tanner PDF eBook, The Fifth Discipline by Peter M. Senge PDF eBook. Should some sceptical individual stillentertain doubts whether in a world without Clothes, the smallestPoliteness, Polity, or even Police, could exist, let him turn to theoriginal Volume, and view there the boundless Serbonian Bog ofSansculottism, stretching sour and pestilential: over which we havelightly flown; where not only whole armies but whole nations might sink!If indeed the following argument, in its brief riveting emphasis, be not ofitself incontrovertible and final:--, "Are we Opossums; have we natural Pouches, like the Kangaroo?
Upwards of five hundred thousand two-legged animalswithout feathers lie round us, in horizontal position; their heads all innightcaps, and full of the foolishest dreams.

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