shredded home fries

Also I used bacon grease.

Cube potatoes into about 1/2-inch cubes. But, I think they are actually a bit harder to work with because they have more starch and you need to peel them.

The products that you choose to be Excluded will not be found in your personalized meal program. Some chain restaurants in my area serve cubed home fries. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C).

I just actually had leftovers today from when I photographed this and it was fine after five days.

2) Bring a medium pot of salted water to a simmer. This Homemade Home Fries post was updated on July 5, 2020 with new photos and directions! I just found your web site today and I can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

Shoudl work great! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But we used Kenabec potatoes that we raised and fried them in good old bacon grease, the potatoes really absorbs the flavor of the bacon grease and they are so good, we also use bigger cubes of potato. Just let them cook away and stir them every 4-5 minutes.

You can easily under season the home fries. An Elite Cafe Media Food Publisher | Making the spuds right now! It’s just too hard to control the cooking temperature.

A cast iron skillet is best, but any large skillet will work fine. You need a large, heavy skillet for this. Yes. For me, new potatoes are about as good as it gets for home fries. You can burn them and still have the centers raw.

Thank you :), My college cubs sleep late on Holidays.

Sorry, no eggs… but I do have a flap steak marinated in Mojo.

We like it – hope you do too! Must make these soon!

This incorporates Nick’s great extra seasonings that are above. We lived on a farm and it made a good hearty meal. I made your recipe step by step and my family love it and it’s not easy to impress them we are puertoricans and we eat different stuff for breakfast but it was great and you are right the best way to go is with eggs thank you, Woohoo! Just make sure to cool down the taters before freezing or you’ll get a lot of condensation and probably some freezer burn issues. Don’t worry about burning them.

Squeezing the shredded potato in a towel or cheesecloth to remove as much moisture as possible … If you throw your potatoes into a hot skillet now, you’re going to most likely be disappointed. Hey Shelly, tough to say on sizes. To be honest, the only thing I like with my home fries (assuming they are really good) is eggs. That way you could save yourself a few minutes in the morning when the craving for something starchy and delicious hits. This is exactly how I do my fried taters…I use bacon grease and oil combo..and onion powder, salt and pepper. I love using red skinned potatoes & always like to keep the skin on :-) For me, the secret us time & patience. 1) In a small bowl, stir together salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder. We would parboil whole potatoes, cool them, and refrigerate in a container. Please select the one choice that best describes your fitness goal, Please select the one choice that best will help you to reach your goals, ground into flour (gluten-free if needed) (45 g), AT THE OFFICE, BUT I GO OUT ON A REGULAR BASIS, I SPEND THE BETTER PART OF THE DAY ON FOOT, I EAT A DIFFERENT NUMBER OF TIMES EVERY DAY, © Copyright 2011-2020 Shredded Academy LLC. Put the pan into the fridge for about 1 hour to set. Yea… you can for sure use Russets. I worked in a dinner when I was younger and learned how to make home fries. I only used 2 potatoes and I all doubled the seasoning mix.

I would start with cubes though because they are easiest to work with.

Hine Photography Preparation time: 10 minutes Cook time: 10 … No fooling. Potatoes (usually russet potatoes) are thinly shredded, then fried in oil until they are golden and crisp with frizzled edges.

If you eat irregularly your metabolism slows down and as a result fat is accumulated. For the breading, simply put all ingredients into a small bowl and mix with a spoon.

Why It Works. Bake in the oven for about 40-45 minutes or until golden brown.

time & patience is the key on these guys.

How long do you think leftovers would keep? I just think they are actually a bit trickier to work with.

I would think it would work okay though! Good luck! I use my refrigerated bacon fat for oil and yukon gold potatoes with skins. The first run produced the best fried spuds ever. I don’t cook potatoes often, my kids don’t like that all that much, but they do like the home fries from our favorite little grandma run diner down the street. Select the meats you would like INCLUDED in your meal plans. Onions are also a most. Mine cooked for about 18-20 minutes to get to the texture I liked. What is seasonsed salt?

Absolutely Sue! When you sink your teeth into them they are so tender on the inside and crispy on the outside that they taste like “more.” Can you tell I don’t like to wash dishes? Thanks Nick. I have made them like that ever since and it’s a real time saver. Sprinkle with ... chops over potatoes. I do rinse them to help wash away the stratch and just like stated above you have to not touch the potatoes to often otherwise you will have potato mash. :) Thanks for the comment Felicity! Make your own delicious fries at home that are tender and soft on the inside, slightly spicy, and crispy on the outside! Just simmer them in lightly salted water for around 6 minutes.

They are also good with sausage gravy or any white gray spooned over them. How to make hash browns crispy and golden brown, like they should be?

For me, it doesn’t get better than seasoned salt, coarse ground black pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. I only have a 12 and an 8 inch and I frequently wish I had a slightly larger size, but never really need a smaller size. Tried your red potatoes along with your spice mix , really liked the flavor.

The vegetables you select above may also be included, so that your diet is well-balanced. I think 15-12-8 would be a pretty stellar skillet combo, especially if you are cooking for 4 or more frequently. After the potatoes start to crisp a bit, you can start seasoning them. Then add the potatoes and try to spread them out in a single layer. Slowly add the cornmeal and whisk constantly to prevent lumps. I’d have to say 99.9% of the time when I’d stop at a diner, I’d always get a huge breakfast. Ingredients: 10  (cheese .. chops .. cream .. milk .. onions .. salt ...), Ingredients: 5  (cheese .. consistency .. mayonaise .. potatoes ...), Ingredients: 20  (batter: .. cube .. egg .. paprika .. salt .. scallions ...), Ingredients: 9  (cheese .. chops .. cream .. milk .. onions .. soup ...), Ingredients: 5  (broccoli .. cheese .. onions .. soup ...), Ingredients: 10  (browns .. chops .. cream .. durkee .. milk .. pan ...), Ingredients: 10  (chives .. cream .. mayonnaise .. salt ...), Ingredients: 8  (cream .. onions .. potatoes ...), Ingredients: 7  (eggs .. milk .. salt .. sugar ...). Great directions. Thanks for the comment Debbie! Made this several times and my daughters and I love it!

I think this could be because this seemingly simple side can go wrong pretty quickly. Instead of making for breakfast I made for dinner with pork chops and baked beans. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Slowly add the cornmeal and whisk constantly to prevent lumps. BUT, there is no rule when it comes to home fries. 1 1/2 tsp paprika

Then just drain your potatoes and they are home fries ready to cook!

I substituted the paprika for cayenne pepper and they came out great! After that they would probably start to break down and get too mushy. Select the vegetables you would like INCLUDED in your meal plans.

He would make these potatoes and mac and cheese to go with them, that was our meal. Brush the polenta slices with a little vegetable oil and coat with the breading mixture. Hope you find some good recipes to try out! I added green onions and the spice mix half way through. I thought I made good potato fries but you’ve changed my method for the better.

Prehead oven at 350°F.

As you suggest, I don’t do them ‘masked potato’ texture. Flip after 25 minutes. Transfer to a greased baking pan. The last few times I’ve attempted home fries I’ve ended up with “mashed home fries” and ended up using way too much oil for fear that they’d stick and burn. ... chilled or warm in a casserole dish for hot version I think that would work okay. This time I used your recipe and they turned out perfectly!

I used a 9-inch square pan. We’ll be making these again :D. Adding grated cheese to these works great, too. I’m a little late to the is meal but when I make fried potatoes, I put the oil in pan, then potatoes, sauté for a minute and then add some water, not much, put on a lid and simmer until water has evaporated. I already brought them back. I’ve started them in the microwave also with good results! Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Print Recipe (Opens in new window).

I am going to try this recipe as I have not used red potatoes this way before.

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