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Modern with many close-ups and sudden overviews. About the contents: It shows to me clearly that war forces people to make choices that one cannot make. Living under the constant threat of being discovered, Wally is forced to stay away from his family, until one day, the Germans get to him. A big inspiration for Dutch movies is WWII : loads of great movies have been made.

Modern European or World History students must have been well aware of the Dutch resistance and the resistance banker true story. Images/videos on this site are copyright to its respectful owners, in this case, the filmmakers. As an account of history, The Resistance Banker is undeniably awe-inspiring. This man who left behind his beloved wife and three kids deserves to be remembered and honored, and that is what this film does.
The acting is superb in all respects, and it is a gripping if simplified story, and it was well-researched by the filmmakers. So was the general atmosphere pervading the underground's activities.

But with the German occupation of Netherlands in 1940, they witness a number of their friends, neighbours and colleagues being herded off to concentration camps either for forced labour, or for the more grim purpose of being summarily executed. Theirs is a sacrifice one can never forget. I simply have to talk about this one scene in which Wally is taking a train from Zaandam to Amsterdam, and on the way, his train stops to let another one pass in the adjoining track. May be the director and writers only wanted to focus on the particular episode of the history, thereby being selective in depiction. Locations are very convincing brought to life and the actors play there roles without showing off. The film is worth seeing especially if it is not regardedd as the "truth.". It is only today that the people of Netherlands know the role he played in their freedom movement. Turn on the subtitles and enjoy the authenticity of the real actors and not the voice-overs. I always prefer to hear the actors’ real voices myself. Updated Date: The movie gives a very realistic & sometimes graphic account of how a primarily civilian resistance movement not only has to outfox military intelligence, but also the craven collaborators amongst the ranks of their fellow citizens, and the consequences of such acts of heroism. The film follows the real-life accounts of Dutch banker brothers Walraven and Gijs van Hall who decided to fund Dutch Resistance by defrauding the central bank. Over the years, we have seen many movies on the World Wars of which some are real-life stories, some loosely-based on individuals/events and some just pure fictions. They saved the lives of thousands with their financial machinations. Perhaps don't watch this film if you have high blood pressure unless you have taken your medication just before LOL - because it has you on the edge opf your seat all the way through in a fashion as a movie buff I have rarely seen - I had trouble watching it to the end but darn it I was not going to miss a minute of this amazing true story of an incredible man, his family and the many rich and poor people of the Netherlands that financiall contributed to the resistance and kept it going.

SnapShot Plot He did this in part by counterfeiting guilders and substituting the fake money for real bills in the vaults of the Dutch central bank. Just as other historically based movies alter the facts for dramatic purposes (see the book Past Imperfect), this one does so in three seemingly unnecessary ways: 1 the Nazis were largely unaware of the illegal bank and its operations, 2 even when he was arrested, they did not know about van Hall's specific involvement with the bank (he was arrested because he was in the resistance in general)l, and 3 he-and other resistors-were killed in retaliation for the assassination of a prominent Nazi.
When the Queen returned to Holland, she repaid every obligation. The sceneries and atmosphere were well executed, bravo. This movie is another example that life is all the time linked to small stories, which at first seem unimportant,but in the end have just given meaning to life itself. Now I know more about the secret roles the opponents had. The story is tight, although the first half of the film is a bit slow. It's well acted, but the script is amateurish and the running time is unnecessarily long. The Resistance Banker is made and acted with genuine commitment. Born to an affluent and influential family, when Wally is discharged from the Dutch Merchant Marine on account of poor eyesight, he returns home and joins his brother Gijs van Hall to become a banker. Understated but remarkable performances by many of the lead characters, particularly by Atsma and Derwig as the van Hall brothers.

They risked everything they had to save the Jews. Although the makers tried to build a solid plot, we kind of miss the right amount of tension in the first half.

Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Locations are very convincing brought to life and the actors play there roles without showing off. A story that had to be told as part of history. I strongly recommend you make time for it. From a time when resistance actually meant something. Cinecelluloid is an online publishing platform with information about upcoming movies, latest movie trailers, trusted movie reviews, movie analysis, audience points of view, and more. Sign up for a weekly curated briefing of the most important strategic affairs stories from across the world. Studio Ghibli Releases Photos of Its Films for Free to Download, “The Devil All the Time” (Film Review): No Place for Divine Retribution, “The OceanMaker” – An Incredible Piece of Visual Storytelling, DUNE (Trailer) – Pushes Our Imagination to Frank Herbert’s World, ‘Freaks: You’re One Of Us’ (Film Review) – Predictable, Yet Entertaining, ‘My Octopus Teacher’ – Netflix’s Science & Nature Documentary. The lead couple are sweet together and the main reason why Ginny Weds Sunny is not a complete write-off.

He begins to fund the Dutch resistance to the occupation by reviving a defunct welfare fund that had once been set up to benefit the families of merchant sailors who had been stranded aboard once the war broke out.

Amazing that such an extraordinary story has not been told before. I don't speak Dutch and enjoyed the native language and would have been disappointed to watch it in English. I very interesting film, my only complaint is, that it is dubbed in English literally, which makes it sound a little strange in some parts. Walraven van Hall (1906 – 1945) who led the resistance movement was born in a well-off family who initially served in marine but in 1929, but he had to leave because of his eyesight. It is a serious film with very few light moments and that works quite well given the plot. The low and dismissive scores given to this film by some would-be reviewers have to make you wonder what their agenda is. I enjoyed watching this movie, which educated me about a story I had not heard about earlier. On 27th January 1945, Walraven van Hall was held by the Germans after a resistance member arrested earlier, revealed their whereabouts and the meeting places. You might find that a great story, like this one, has to develop slowly and intently in order to convey the depth of the script and story line. He did this in part by counterfeiting guilders and substituting the fake money for real bills in the vaults of the Dutch central bank. The Resistance Banker is the story of Walraven van Hall, fondly known as ‘Wally’ to friends and family. Popular gadgets including laptop, tablet and mobile specifications, features, prices, comparison. Not only will it take your breath away with the sheer strength of its story, it will also enthrall you with the superlative quality of its craft. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The Resistance Banker is a history lesson for all generations. In spite of huge interest in films/ documentaries that are build on sub-plots from WW2, I have watched very few in languages other than English. Your email address will not be published. He goes to the extent of robbing the Netherlands State Bank, forging bonds and certificates, with the help of an unwilling Gijs who later joins the game. He also borrowed money from prominent Dutch people, giving them out-of-date stock certificates or one-guilder notes, keeping track of the numbers so they could be redeemed after the war. Echt een fantastische film! I discovered this interesting movie from the Second World War on Netflix. We use cookies to help make this website better, to improve our services and for advertising purposes. Anyone interested in modern European history should watch it. After the occupation of the Netherlands by the Germans, the Nationaal Steunfonds (National Assistance Fund) or NSF was set up in 1943 to assist the families of merchant-sailors that later was used to assist the resistance groups. At the bottom right hand of the screen there is a square speech bubble with options for audio and subtitle choice. At last these stories are being told, perhaps too late for some, but this sort of realistic indictment of Nazi sadism and brutality makes 1940s war melodramas like "Casablanca" look like a walk in the park. The Resistance Banker is currently streaming on Netflix. He founded the bank of the Resistance, which was used to distribute funds to victims of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands and fund the Dutch resistance. Required fields are marked *. Here, the film fails to highlight the troublesome lives of Dutch when the government was in-exile in London. To the film crew and set designers, beautiful work. This story is one that has to be told but the execution of the story was not to my satisfaction: unnecessary complicated, slow at times. However, people from around the world would not have even read about any such resistance movement in Netherlands during the WW II. The Resistance Banker is a compelling look at someone in the vein of Oskar Schindler, an unlikely hero of the war effort who otherwise has been relegated to … The Lie and Black Box debuted as a double feature on Amazon Prime Video on 6 October. Unfortunately it needs a Stephen Spielberg to do it justice !

Best for the Oscars!

I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know about the great people this movie is dedicated to, but this film does a great job of introducing me to this interesting part of history that shows what it takes to trully resist tyranny.

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