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In the battle's aftermath, several Nightbirds found themselves strewn about in pieces. The Transformers cartoon Nightbird was a robotic ninja warrior created by the "famous scientist" Doctor Fujiyama , ostensibly to show how advanced Human technology had become.

Nightbird had some showdowns with Arcee before settling in with the rest of the Decepticons. At Tera-Kura, employees became enchanted with Nightbird's cuteness when she took off her mask, prompting the company to begin producing the absurdly popular "Nightbird Maskless Version". This event caused Arcee to enter a deep depression, setting the stage for her personality change as she became a Wrecker. However Megatron had fallen in love with her and wanted the energy supply chip she had stolen from the Autobots and freed her as a result. Eventually, however, they used an Energy Net . The Autobots were, at first, hampered by their promise to Doctor Fujiyama not to damage or destroy the ninja robot, and found themselves flustered in botched attempts to capture her.

22 When Megatron turned into Galvatron and went on a rampage in the city, Nightbird Shadow and the other two tried to talk (well, sign language) him out of it, but their calling him "Megatron" only angered Galvatron further and he opened fire on them. Primeless, Part 1, At her unveiling by Doctor Fujiyama, Nightbird was stolen by the Decepticons and reprogrammed by Hardshell to serve them. Nightbird is a giant female ninja robot built to "benefit mankind". Enter the Nightbird, Nightbird, having somehow escaped storage, went to the Six Clan's planet to learn the art of transformation, picking up a "swan mode". Headmaster Chapter Prologue On a chart showing the employees of the newly formed Decepticon Tera-Kura Co. and their titles, Nightbird Shadow was included as one of the "three office ladies". Bonus Edition Vol. Doctor Fujiyama placed Nightbird into cold storage, but apparently didn't see fit to fully deactivate her, as she seems aware of her plight and gives an angry glare as she's stored away. "No dude, a giant robot ninja chick!" 11 Alpha Trion later saw Nightbird, Blackarachnia, and Slipstream in a vision of things to come. She is portrayed by Zeta. Programmed with the skills of a mighty ninja, the non-sentient Nightbird developed a full meta-processor brain after being implanted with one of Bombshell's cerebro shells, which merged with her own simulated intelligence. She later found two disciples, Road Pig and Road Rocket, both who would eventually develop a rivalry with a dispute over their master. 19 The three later came with Megatron on a hot springs trip, and were thus absent when Tera-Kura Co. was briefly taken over by Waspinator. The clones then immediately went out of control and started rampaging through Tokyo, something Megatron credited to their inherently evil Decepticon souls, but were stopped in their tracks by their own clumsiness. 63 With the destruction of the Legends World, Nightbird returned with Megatron to their own dimension. Yeah, those nunchucks are really gonna be 'benefiting' their way through society. Starscream however not one to realpaced as second in command of the Decepticons used his null ray to deafest nightbird. 20, Tarantulas, leader of Tera-Kura Co.'s science department and the one in charge of the Nightbird clone production, allied with the Decepticon Headmasters near one of the production lines. Eventually, however, they used an electro mesh prison which drained Nightbird's power reserves and allowed the Autobots to capture her without serious damage.

34 getting her dress ripped off by Apeface's telekinesis, Bonus Edition Vol. Attack. some kind of spin/make bright light/disappear gimmick, You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Little did the Autobots know that their list was out of date, leading to their shock when Metroplex came under attack from Autobot Spike, Robot Master, Dr. Arkeville, Headmaster... and a whole lotta Nightbirds! Bonus Edition Vol. Bonus Edition Vol. Nightbird was a robotic ninja warrior created by Doctor Fujiyama the Famous Scientist, ostensibly to show how advanced Human technology had become. "Dude? Enter the Nightbird.

26, Nightbird's continued time at the office involved getting hypnotized into fawning over Mindwipe, Bonus Edition Vol.

The villains nearly managed to steal Metroplex's brain, but were thwarted at the last possible moment by Carzap and G.B. This page was last modified on 1 October 2020, at 10:33. She would later acquire a car mode elsewhere. When Sixshot was distracted by his victory over Ultra Magnus, she snuck up behind him and impaled him, told him he had broken the Six Clan's laws, and left him to die.

Bonus Edition Vol. Arcee was in Nightbird's line of sight shortly before the dream ended due to Tigatron waking up. 14, Having gotten his mitts on Nightbird again, Megatron brought her with him to the Legends World, where he presented her to the public as a Tera-Kura Co. ninja maid robot under the name Nightbird Shadow. 40 When the Headmasters turned against Tera-Kura Co. and came to steal Metroplex's transformation cog from them, Nightbird led her clones into battle against the traitorous Sweeps. The local Megatron prepared for a mass recall, but the customers of the Nightbirds protested that the clones' little "mischievous streak" was just charming, and they remained on the market. Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. LG-15 Nightbird Shadow Sequel, In one of the Legends World's Tigatron's dreams, Nightbird was among the evil female Transformers (and related robots, evidently) who sought to kidnap him and fought the heroic female Transformers guarding him. Common • Uncommon • Rare • Super Rare • Ultra Rare • Epic Rare • Legendary • Ultra Legendary. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the ensuing confusion, the DECEPTICONS escape with NIGHTBIRD in tow. Bonus Edition Waspinator Nightbird Shadow and Slipstream were targeted by Skids in his quest to send all the Legends World's interdimensional visitors back to their own universes, prompting Megatron to intervene and seemingly lose his life saving his soldiers.

Bonus Edition Vol. She was sent on a mission to Autobot HQ, where she stole the World Energy Chip and successfully escaped into the desert, however Jazz and Brawn gave chase, and despite the best efforts of the Decepticons, she was recovered along with the chip. 23 Nightbird was later present for Scourge's failed attempt at usurping Megatron. 50, Nightbird remained at Tera-Kura Co. after Megatron left to become mayor, but remained loyal to him and helped take back the company after it was conquered by the Concurrence. Doctor Fujiyama placed Nightbird into cold storage, but apparently did not see fit to fully deactivate her, as she seemed aware of her plight and gave an angry glare as she was stored away. While others disagree with this interpretation there is enough evidence to support either view point. Not that we've ever seen her again. She was seen at the ceremony trying to bring about personal peace between her former proteges, Road Rocket and Road Pig. In 2025 or so Fujiyama, apparently having learned nothing, built an entire army of Nightbird drones.

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