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Cholesterol can cause fatty deposits in the blood vessels which increases the risk of stroke, peripheral artery disease, and heart disease. Jump online and join some local vegan Facebook groups, which are perfect for recipes, tips on vegan living, and sharing memes. Once I got the chance to get into the vegan diet, it’s kind of like you trick your mind to eat other things, and you get used to it.”.

But it's worth it for me staying on top of my health.". Bees will fly 55,000 miles to make a gallon of honey. A 2016 report found that if the world went vegan, the planet’s food-related emissions would drop by 70 percent by 2050. Nutritionist Geeta Sidhu-Robb spoke to Cosmopolitan about the study, which was published in Nutrition Journal.

You can check out a list of them here. “On a per gram of protein basis, beef’s water footprint is six times that of pulses,” Global Meat News wrote.

Using these fibers offers extra income to farming communities and saves the waste from being incinerated, which creates toxic emissions. AP Pro Football Writer Howard Fendrich and AP Sports Writer Larry Lage contributed to this report. Wesley Woodyard, linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, experienced increased energy levels after going vegan because he began putting “good fuel” into his body.

The researchers stated that if everyone were to go vegan, global farmland use would drop by 75 percent, freeing up landmass the size of Australia, China, the EU, and the U.S. combined. Thankfully for honey-lovers, there are plenty of vegan alternatives out there. Several Titans, including Wesley Woodyard and Jurrell Casey, were first inspired to try out a plant-based diet in 2017 after linebacker Derrick Morgan, who retired in 2019, went vegan and his wife, chef Charity Morgan, began preparing vegan lunches for the team. He and his wife — Cordon Bleu-trained chef Charity Morgan — had gone vegan for stretches, and when Morgan's nutritionist advised him 10 months ago that veganism could help maximize his athleticism, he decided to give up meat and dairy entirely. I've always wanted to give up red meat. The study found that participants who ate whole, plant foods reported fewer symptoms of depression. It allows you to try new foods and reduce your impact on the planet. We both had to re-educate ourselves on what is protein.". While not all vegan beauty brands use natural ingredients, a growing number of them do. Woodyard and at least 10 teammates — mostly on defense — have opted to eat vegan diets this season.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said in September 2018 that “the greenhouse gas footprint of animal agriculture rivals that of every car, truck, bus, ship, airplane, and rocket ship combined.”.

Documentaries are some of the most popular mechanisms for motivating people to go vegan. Brooklyn Borough President Adams says he reversed his diabetes diagnosis by adopting a plant-based diet. Many people are doing their part to save the seas – ditching plastic straws, bringing their own shopping bag to the supermarket, and choosing plastic-free produce. In a short film called “One Day a Week,” which encourages people to eat less meat, McCartney said, “[If] we all join together in this effort, we can help improve the environment, reduce the negative impacts of climate change, and even improve people’s health.”, Vegan New Jersey Senator Booker — who is running for president in 2021 — recently announced his animal welfare plan. These high-profile names have at least one thing in common: they’re thriving on the benefits of a vegan lifestlye. “And it’s just putting in good fuel to your body. Charity Morgan studied plant-based meals online and began preparing dishes for her husband. Surrounding yourself with supportive, likeminded people is a great way to keep motivated during your vegan journey.

This often encourages the aggressive handling of sheep.

Companies like Zuii Organic use real flowers, essential oils, and plant extracts to make their vegan cosmetic products. Each shoe contains 12 plastic bottles worth of waste, with some of this coming from discarded fishing nets. Detroit running back Ameer Abdullah switched last summer to help prolong his career — a move made easier with both his parents being vegetarian. Having a trained chef in the house eased the transition.

Her client list grew as more teammates smelled what she had cooking. For now, though, it’s tackles over tastebuds in Tennessee.

Since veganism does not allow for the exploitation of animals, buying vegan beauty products guarantees that you’re not supporting animal testing.

There’s a vegan-focused documentary to suit everyone. Woodyard and at least 10 teammates — mostly on defense — have opted to eat vegan diets this season. D’vash Organics is the producer of what it claims is the world’s first sweet potato honey.

Sixteen-year-old climate activist Thunberg follows a plant-based diet and even persuaded her parents to do the same. Some players have found they can't quite do vegan full-time. For instance, vegans don’t wear clothing made with animal materials (like leather and wool), buy cosmetics that were tested on animals, or support entertainment that relies on the exploitation of animals, like bullfighting or SeaWorld. She's also dished advice to other wives about handling vegan dinners at home.

UNEP has named meat “the world’s most urgent problem,” saying that, “Our use of animals as a food-production technology has brought us to the verge of catastrophe.”. A plant-based diet could boost your beauty regime by helping your skin stay healthy. Having a trained chef in the house eased the transition. "So until that falls off, then you don't have nothing to worry about.". However, your diet could have more to do with the ocean; half of the plastic found in the ocean comes from fishing nets.

"He never thought about meat.

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