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White Boy Rick only knew one way to do it. This is exactly how I picture a kid growing up influenced by his real surroundings.

Wershe, the police claimed, was a dangerous cocaine godfather known to his underlings as “White Boy Rick”. Johnny Curry was history. Of course, given that he was underage at the time, they had guidelines to adhere to which made matters quite complicated — at least on paper.

But after corresponding with him via prison-to-prison mail, I found out that what really went down didn’t quite live up to the hood tales that had sprung up around him. He took up with the Curry Gang, the foremost drug slingers in Detroit at the time, and made friends with dangerous criminals so that he could get better information.

Wershe was arrested in May 1987 after some cops found eight kilos of cocaine stashed near his house. FBI agents were some hard hitting actors as well, Jennifer Jason Leigh (Annihilation) as FBI Agent Snyder, Rory Cochrane (Argo) as FBI Agent Byrd, with Brian Tyree Henry as Detective Jackson – the police officer on drug control in the city. And how did their reporting hurt Rick’s chances at freedom?They were reporting what the police told them without checking it out independently. So, despite getting out of Michigan, the injustice continues. In a just world, this would be a video about how the guy from the Offspring video for "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" fathered offspring of his own after granting a woman's request to "Give it to me, baby." After serving 21 years, I was on a mission to get Wershe—who was approaching three decades of incarceration for a nonviolent offense—out of prison.
“I was brought into this life by law enforcement,” Richard Wershe Jr. reported to Vice, “I was taught it, they left me alone, and a year later I’m busted and put in jail for life.”. For the first time in 30 years, White Boy Rick’s name was back in the headlines – but this time, the real story was printed underneath. It took 30 years for Richard Wershe Jr. to win his freedom. Seth Ferranti talks about his correspondence with Richard Wershe, a.k.a. He did it just as big as me, the Curry brothers, Maserati Rick — whoever you want to name.”. Who cares about measured justice, their lives and their families, let alone their rehabilitation?

It was a wild tale of injustice and negligence, in which Wershe had been recruited as an informant by Detroit's drug task force, and then later cast aside when they realized he was underaged. He made his living running scams and selling guns out of his own home. Pretty soon he uncovered a conspiracy that ran through the whole city.
It all started in 1984, when he was 14-years-old. They put up pictures of a criminal hierarchy, and each one showed 17-year-old White Boy Rick at the top of the ladder with every dangerous, hardened criminal in the city listed as his underling.

We later found evidence that Detroit authorities contacted prosecutors in the case and asked them to go hard on Rick as a professional courtesy. He raised his son and daughter alone in a Detroit slum overrun with crack addicts and gangsters. Then they had him thrown in prison for life.

On paper, they recorded White Boy Rick’s tips under his father’s name. Copyright 2017 - BNP LLC - To advertise Contact, White Boy Rick: The True Story About a White Boy Named Rick. Though he wasn’t an angel — he already started looting people’s homes for cash — Wershe Jr. had never touched cocaine in his life. It's callous and selfish, and an example of very short-sighted leadership, because it costs us so much more, societally, in the end. Wershe’s newfound status shadowing the Curry’s also earned him the nickname “White Boy Rick” among their peers and the city’s criminal underworld. He was interested in the case, and when he found out I had access to Wershe, it was on. In 2014, freelance writer Evan Hughes read Wershe’s outlandish claims about a conspiracy that had put him behind bars and started to look into whether they were true. As we’ll discover later, Wershe’s intelligence helped lead to their downfall. More than a dozen police officers were implicated. Like my own sentence, I found his excessive.

I am a movie nerd. I first wrote about Richard Wershe Jr.’s case in 2013, when I was serving a 25-year-sentence for a first-time, nonviolent LSD conviction in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He did what the FBI taught him to do. He’d even taken his girlfriend, Cathy Volsan, the mayor’s niece.

They took a liking to young Rick because he was earning money that didn’t interfere with their income potential. But "White Boy Rick" (real name Richard Wershe Jr.) is not the fly white guy's child. They even gave him money specifically to buy cocaine so that the FBI could use it as evidence. He was a kingpin.

Born and raised, action and adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, cartoon enthusiast, and aficionado. According to law enforcement, though, his youthful innocence was only skin-deep. Craft, years later, told reporters: “I was told to kill White Boy Rick.

They taught him how to pedal drugs on the street.

In the documentary White Boy, former hitman Nathaniel Craft says that he was hired by Hill to assassinate Rick to stop him sharing what he knew about corruption in the police department.

From the inception of this project, you always maintained that getting Rick out was the main goal. Nate Boone Craft, the convicted hitman who claims he was hired to kill Rick Wershe Jr. Richard Wersher Jr. during his parole hearing. First off the movie is remarkable.

The FBI covered their tracks. This picture of him is a still from his role in the movie Beverly Hills Cop. And what happened? When he followed up with the FBI, Hughes found out that Wershe was telling the truth. Public DomainRichard Wershe Jr.’s 1988 mugshot. Regardless of his crimes, the punishment wasn’t consistent with other drug dealers who were sent down for the same felonies — or worse. The True Story Of White Boy Rick, The FBI's Youngest Informant But he issue here isn’t the fact that Wershe was sentenced under a harsh law. But when Wershe uncovered a police corruption problem that ended with the mayor of Detroit, the men who trained him cut him loose. I appreciated reading your review, and I would have to have been born with different colored skin to fully appreciate your reasons for the comment about “white tears,” but just for a moment, leaving out the difference in our experiences in a hostile world (that’s ridiculous, I know) in all my 80 years I’ve never failed to be moved by tragedy or even misfortune on the part of anyone–even when I listened to drama on the radio, well before anyone had TV. The film directed by Yann Demange based on the true story of Rick Wershe Jr. the youngest FBI informant in history.

A dumbfounding new documentary explores the institutional horror story of Detroit's Richard Wershe Jr. a.k.a.

Again, I can’t really criticize the story, I mean that ish happened, what I can do is talk about the storytelling and the effect of these sides of stories being told with their foundation being black life.

You interviewed a number of ex-law enforcement guys for the documentary, what part did they play in the story?It meant a lot to me that they were willing to step up and tell the truth about what happened and what they observed.

Rick Wershe Jr. in court, shortly after his arrest. He stopped growing up and started growing old. Rick’s information had gotten the drug lord locked up behind bars and White Boy Rick began to take his place.

Aisha Jordan bio: Actor, Writer, Arts Administrator. Rick was granted parole in 2017, but it could be years before he sees the free world. They trained him, funded him, and guided him into a hornets nest of street hustling. It was incredible that he agreed to be interviewed for the film.

The True Story of 'White Boy Rick' Packs Way More Punch Than Your Typical Drug Thriller (Digging Deeper) 2018-06-13 11:40 in Recommended Watching Words By Heather Snowden

I was glad the movie did not ignore this, at a few turns in the film the black characters go in on how differently Rick is treated in the system than them, and warned him not to get them F*%ked…awkward. As Rick put it, according to the Guardian, "Was I blinded by the money, was I blinded by the girls, was I blinded by the material possessions? Inspector Hill and Mayor Young, though, would walk away free. The Associated Press states that he participated in an interstate car theft ring from inside prison. Chambers, praised White Boy Rick’s climb up to the top: “He rose all the way through the ranks. Since slavery happened, the foundation of anything really in this country is black life. White Boy Rick was certainly involved in drugs, and he definitely moved cocaine.

Wershe Jr. knew the life of crime at an early age. He cares about getting his sister clean (Dawn Wershe, played expertly by Bel Powley), going back to school and helping realize his dad’s dream of running a video store. Al Profit/YouTubeNate Boone Craft, the convicted hitman who claims he was hired to kill Rick Wershe Jr. White Boy Rick’s new fame changed his life. “Cocaine kingpin,” the Detroit Free Press called him. “I told on the wrong people,” Wershe confessed.

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And to the 14-year-old Richard Wershe Jr., it was an adventure: “What kid doesn’t want to be an undercover cop when he’s 14, 15 years old?”. It's one thing for a documentary to put forth a theory, but entirely another when an FBI agent is looking into the camera saying it.

White Boy Rick was “worse than a mass murderer”. The White Boy Rick true story reveals that, like in the movie, it happened when Johnny Curry was in jail awaiting trial. White Boy’s co-operation with the authorities started off basic enough. And I'm pretty sure Florida officials don't realize they were played by corrupt people up north. He might have been a pimple-faced teenager who struggled to pull off a mustache but he came out in style.

His sister’s boyfriend introduced him to the world of petty crime, and they robbed houses together to make some bucks. BoogeyMan Ben/YouTubeInspector Gil Hill was a minor celebrity. White Boy’s co-operation with the authorities started off basic enough. The movie has a way of showing you poor white existence that brings perspective.

He always had aspirations to be rich and successful, but the cops enabled him to become the criminal he became.

What forces conspired to keep Wershe locked up in prison for so long?In my opinion, it lasted so long—even after Mayor Young's death—because those he mentored and influenced kept the screws tightened on Rick for the sake of loyalty. Unfortunately, helping the law did nothing for Wershe’s case when it was his turn to face the wrath of the Michigan justice system a couple of years later. His son, however, could identify the people in their photographs and shed some light on their activities. People talk about police corruption all the time, but can you break down what really happened in Detroit, and why Wershe was held for almost three decades for a non-violent drug offense?Rick agreed to help take down not only corrupt cops, but Mayor Coleman Young himself.

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