1. How can I sign up?

To sign up, simply download the app from the Google Play store or Apple store and follow easy steps to create a profile and set up settings.

2. How can I join a group?

There are two ways someone can join a group; via invitation or start your own group.  If you get an invite to join the group, you will need to sign up and accept the invitation request.  If you want to start your own group, simply follow steps for creating groups.

3. Who runs the group?

The person who creates the group automatically becomes the group admin (Group Head).  The person will be responsible to facilitate the activities of the group. The Group Head can select someone to become the assistant or head.

4. How are cycle length and payment amount determined?

We leave this in your hands.  When creating the group, the admin will define all the rules for the group.  Information includes but not limited to number of people expected to join, cycle length, assistant admin, currency, location information.

5. How do I know who is collecting (Turn Collector) at the end of the cycle?

Choosing the group from your SuSu Groups will show all you need about your group.  This includes who is admin; members who have collected their turn and members who are in queue to collect.

6. How is the order for who is collecting (Turns) determined?

We have provided two options: auto generator or manual selector.  With the Auto generator, the admin will select this option and the app will create a random list for the collecting.  For the Manual option, as the name implies, the group admin will determine the order for members to collect. Group admin has the option to change the selection mechanism selected.

7. After the end of the group, What next?

The admin or user can terminate their association with the group.  If group wishes to continue, we’ve made that easy for you to restart the group.

8. Is the SuSu MoneyTurn app secure?

We built this app with user security as a top priority.  We have used state of the art security technologies to ensure you have a peace of mind.

9. How much does the SuSu MoneyTurn app cost?

The SuSu MoneyTurn app comes at no cost to you.  You can download at the Google play store or the Apple Store.

10. Does using the SuSu MoneTurn App have any effect on my credit rating?

No, SuSu MoneTurn App does not have any effect on your credit.

11. How can I recover my password or username?

12. Where can I go for additional help or questions?

We are always here for you.  Simply use the contact form on our website ( with questions, comments or concerns and someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours.